17 May 2013

Photo Friday #99: pride and joy

I know the phrase “pride and joy” is supposed to refer to your kid, but I’m commandeering it. And I’mma use it to refer to my husband.

Mr. P is really fortunate to have landed an awesome job here in St. Louis, after I uprooted us from our home in Nashville to follow my science dreams. It’s a great school with great kids and a great community. And I personally think he fits right into that, great as he is.

The last few weeks of the school calendar at Mr. P’s job are filled with service activities, for all the students and faculty alike. So here’s Mr. P (front row, second from left) with most of his geometry class, serving at a center for refugees. I asked if the boys worked hard and avoided goofing off during their time there, and he said, “Of course.”

The world has lots of good, upstanding people, you guys, and I’m fortunate to be in their shadow. So proud. So much joy.


Tina said...

I immediately thought of "Pride and Joy" done by Stevie Ray Vaughn way back in the 80's... wherein you used it in the right-on connotation... ;-)
End-of-the-year service projects = awesome idea!

Janice said...

Mr. P is an awesome person, teacher, and husband and you certainly CAN claim "pride and joy"! It's not a phrase just for kids.

What a wonderful activity for the students and faculty of the school to reach out and serve the community.