08 May 2013

The great paint debate

This week, Mr. P and I will be signing our lease extension to keep us here a good while longer. And I’m glad about it! While there are times that I dream about buying or living in a different place, the sense of relief I feel over knowing we don’t have to move! is pretty great. And this apartment is pretty amazing, duh.

Almost as importantly is the fact that the lease extension gives us permission to paint. I freaked out a little over asking for permission... as did our landlady (once bitten, twice shy, she is). But! We can paint! As long as we put it back the way it is now! You know, PINK.

And still... I’m hesitating. I can’t stand the color they are now, but I can’t yet deal with all the work of painting. Here’s the internal debate...

POINT: I should paint this apartment.

I’m not joking when I say the walls are pink. Let’s look at the photos. This straight-out-of-camera (for once in my life, geez) and reflects the color pretty accurately.

Maybe you think I’m overreacting; maybe you think it’s beige. But I promise, once you see the pink, you can’t un-see it.

What isn’t pink is yellow, in the kitchen...

And in the bathroom, which commits the worst color sin of pairing yellow-beige walls and ceramic tile with pinky-beige linoleum.

Oh, for the love of all that is good and holy. WHAT.

The bathroom may be a lost cause, but I suppose the yellow-beige paint isn’t so bad overall (it’s one of the better parts of the green green green kitchen). And fortunately, the carpet is pretty neutral in every other room. I know this because it looks yellow next to the pinky-beige and pink next to the yellow-beige, natch. So I could possibly fix a lot of this whole undertone mess just by painting over the pinky-beige... IF I can get the undertones just right, to play nice with the remaining yellowy stuff.

(Psst, if you can’t see what I’m talking about, this article and this excellent real-life-example one too may help you get why the pinky beige is DRIVING. ME. CRAZY. Great primers for understanding undertones!)

COUNTERPOINT: I can’t figure out what color to paint it.

Although I’m still in love with white, I’m not convinced it’s the right choice for this apartment. I’m also not convinced that gray is the right choice, or beige with different undertones, or lavender or seafoam green or any dang color in the rainbow. I have dozens of swatches and none of them seem just right.

And because I’d certainly pick something with very different undertones to the pinky-beige, I’d have to paint all the pinky beige. ALL THE PINKY BEIGE. I couldn’t paint one room and be like, “That was a nightmare! Nevermind!” because the only thing worse than an apartment full of pinky-beige is pinky-beige clashing with other colors. If I decide to go in, I’ve gotta go all in, and it better be the right color(s) to do that.

POINT: I have to cover the holes I made in the walls.

Remember when I went on my hanging spree?

Setting aside the PINK OH MY GAH, I gotta fill in those holes somehow. So yes, I’ll spackle, but there’s no way I’ll be able get touch-up paint perfectly matched and onto the walls seamlessly. I don’t regret hanging stuff on the wall, but I will regret not patching it up perfectly for the next tenant. Holes in the wall drive me almost as batty as pinky-beige paint. So... might as well repaint when it’s all done, right?

COUNTERPOINT: It is going to be so much work to paint it AT LEAST twice.

It’s true, I painted every room in our old house. OVER TWO YEARS. And I only painted it once. AND it was only three-fourths the size of this place. So the idea that I’d have to paint it back (or pay painters to do it, yuck)... it’s so daunting. I know people – including myself! – say, “It’s just paint, go for it!” But I got a lot goin’ on, yo. I’ll likely have more going on when we’re moving out of this place. I hate the current color, but.... is it worth it?



The debate continues...


Miles said...

Nope, definitely not worth the time and money! You're busy, and we're only talking about the color of your walls. There are much bigger and better things to worry about! It's obviously making you fret though. If it'll make you happy, sure- go for it but remember, it's only temporary. Where, oh where do prettily painted walls lie in the great scheme of things ;)

Tina said...

I can feel your pain!!! Probably because I've actually seen it, too... The beige reminds me of ultra-heavy foundation make-up or a band-aid... BUT the worst pain is the thought of having to put those colors back up all the while thinking of all the other things pressing down on you and that "this really wasn't that bad a color after all ..." =P In balancing out degrees of pain with the time you have remaining in that apartment, perhaps paying out $$$ rather than using your time and energies is the least painful route to take...? There is still that huge decision on color choice, tho... Ugh. You know, just moving is beginning to look easier with its whole other set of dilemmas... =\ Now my head hurts... Good luck!

Tina said...

Miles's comment wasn't here when I posted above. She is right, tho', you know? Ignore that color and continue having fun decorating around/in spite of it. Thanks, Miles, for your level head. :-) (Do decorate with lots of black and white, tho'.... It tones down that beige, it seems, in looking at your picture frames...)

Rachel C said...

I think you should paint for several different reasons. First, you constantly mention the wall color and how annoying it is, so obviously it bothers you. Second, if it bothers you now then it's going to continue to bother you. And those walls aren't going anywhere. Third, maybe your landlord will end up loving your neutral color choices and you will be able to turn her to the dark side and won't have to repaint. Concerning the whole "I'll just have to paint it again" as an argument against painting, blah. I see that as a non-excuse. You could use the same logic (we'll just move in 3 years) and never do anything to make the space yours. You're planning on living in the same place for a long time, so it's best to really make it yours, and for you, I think that includes painting. So, I say take the advice of YHL, and just do it! It's just paint. What's the worse that can happen? You like it even less than the beige? I don't see that happening.