02 May 2013

What I wore: just a normal, everyday skirt

For reasons not worth expounding upon here, I found myself, this past Sunday, invited to dinner with a small group of important scientists. Thirty-plus years of experience, top-in-their-field sort of professors. And I was the lone kid at the grownup table.

Needless to say, I spent a very long time figuring out what exactly to wear. It was a late dinner on a Sunday, which sounds like it’d be casual? But It was a fancy restaurant, and these were professional people. Ugh! Ultimately I wore a dress and cardigan and boots and a sense of reassurance from Mr. P that I was appropriately dressed.

And I agreed with him. But not just because I wasn’t overdressed, oh no. Because I have managed to set a precedent of dressing nicely for work such that, with a dress and boots, I was dressed normally. You guys, this project, it’s working! I am routinely dressing like a grownup professional lady! Mission accomplished!

Just to seal the deal, this is what I wore to work the next day:

Black v-neck shirt: Tar-zhay, a few years ago
Pearl cluster drop earrings: Charlotte Russe
Black and white floral skirt: on clearance at Marshall’s (again, I benefited from a not-extra-small "XS")
Black ballet flats: Tar-zhay, purchased a few weeks ago. They’re not particularly comfortable, so don’t expect to find them on a future list of my favorite things.

I tried tucking in my shirt for a change, and while I know I look a bit wide from this angle, it was flattering from the side. And I think the tucked-in style worked with this skirt and shoes? Maybe?

And yes, yes you are getting a weensy second sneak peek at the guest room! I’m making progress on it, promise, and I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting this long. It’s just that my weekends have been filled with hob-nobbing with important scientists in a snappy dress. Whoa.