16 May 2013

What I wore: long skirt, no jacket

You guys, yesterday, it was in the nineties. Not the decade. No Nicktoons or boy bands or oversized shirts cinched with a scrunchie. No, it was over ninety degrees here today. Mother Nature heard us all whining and moaning about the long winter and apparently tried to compensate all in one day.

That means it’s skirt weather! I used to be shy about skirt weather because I had the weird don’t-want-to-be-overdressed fear, so I only wore cotton jersey-type skirts. But now, it’s all skirts, all the time. Well, most of the time. The rest of the time is taken up with dresses and, let’s be real, jeggings.

Once upon a time I worried that a long skirt looked too fancy for work. Nowadays, nope!

Brown 3/4-sleeve shirt: From Tar-zhay, way back when
Paisley skirt: From a now-defunct outlet store in my parent’s tiny town, also way back when. I probably paid something like twelve dollars for it.
Gold sandals: Tar-zhay, baby. And of course, those are my everyday gold sandals, not the fancy gold sandals.
Gold owl locket necklace (seen close-up here) and gold hoop earrings: Both from my mams

As this was the first time I wore this skirt to work, I discovered a downside: I can’t walk in my usual super-fast crazy-length pace. But the upside? I’m wearing a skirt, yet I don’t have to shave my legs. More than a fair trade!

Anyone else enjoying skirt/dress weather? I’m expanding my collection...


Tina said...

Love it! I found it hard to believe you've held on to that skirt this long - but am so glad you did! Despite not being able to accommodate your stride, it is way in-stylish... Why not go all the way and shave those legs, too? heh-heh ;-)

Janice said...

WHOA hold on Tina, you're going too far out on that shaved legs bit! ;)

Nice to have the option and COMFORT of a pretty skirt on a warm day though, shaved legs or not!

Pretty outfit. I admire the fact you can wear sandals like that (with no arch support) and not have achy feet at the end of the day!