23 May 2013

Year two

Two years ago, I had a lot of creativity that needed an outlet. I also had a lot of free time sitting on the commuter train to and from school every day. I was living in Nashville, I was newly married, and I was finally ready to get over my dang self-consciousness and start writing where the world could see it.

One year ago, I wrote my first blogiversary post in bed, in the dark, practically in the middle of the night, after staying up all hours trying to pack up all our earthly possessions and finish house repairs for closing. Amid all the craziness of graduating and selling our house and moving from Nashville to St. Louis, celebrating one year of writing a blog seemed impressive... but perhaps one of my lesser accomplishments.

Today, five hundred and thirty-four posts later, I am still amazed that I’m here writing day in, day out. There’s not many things I’ve stuck with for this long. Which means that, really, every day is a day worth looking back and saying... whoa. I’m still here! And even crazier, you’re still here! That’s a daily cause for celebration.

Still. Today is a little extra special. Hey there, blog. I got you a second blogiversary present.

Do you see it? I’m clearly excited about it.

Yup. I finally got my own fancypants domain name. Well, I got a kinda fancypants domain name. The domain registrar for redheadedstepchild.com wanted me to request a quote that involved a checkbox I had to click that said I understood that most domain names cost $50,000 if they were for sale at all. Wha? Fifty thousand? You cray.

Instead, I stuck with the address I’ve had on blogger, which cost forty-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars less. I think that’s reasonable.

So... welcome to redheadedsteproject.com! Even if I haven’t updated the look of this website in its entire existence, even if I constantly fail to white-balance my photos, even if I have typos and run-on sentences and excessive use of italics and ALL CAPS SHOUTING, even if the domain name I registered is still an unnatural fistful of letters, this place kinda feels like a real blog now... right?

Close enough!

(FYI, if everything is as I think it is, you don’t need to do a thing about the new address. The old address will redirect automatically, and the RSS feed should still update normally. It will just feel different, like you’re reading a real website instead of my daily ramblings. If I discover that any links need updating, I’ll let you know!)

Finally, I thought like last year, I’d give you a few behind-the-scenes stats on this here website. I’m irrationally opposed to tracking cookies so I only have the most basic of stats, but here goes:

Blog posts to date: 534, counting today’s
Most popular time to read the blog: 9:00 AM
Most popular referrer: Pinterest, duh
Number of photos uploaded for the blog: 3115
Number of run-on sentences: too numerous to count
Most popular post of all time: DIY: stenciled canvas art (this post alone accounts for a full 20% of all-time pageviews. Thanks, Pinterest!)

And the ten most popular posts published in the last year:

DIY: high heel repair, in which I reveal how bad I am at shoe-care-taking (and try to make up for it).

A trellis rug of my own, because who doesn’t love a good trellis rug?

About a couch, which probably disappoints all the googlers looking for a good EKTORP review. Sorry, everyone! Uh, buy local!

The new Casa P color scheme, funnily enough, because lately I’ve been scrapping that in favor of ALL NEUTRALS ALL THE TIME.

DIY: hand-painting with oil-rubbed bronze paint, because maybe other people are trapped in a spraypaint-less existence like me.

DIY: bathroom counter skirt, a.k.a, a renter’s bathroom storage solution.

RITVA curtains, take two, in which I confess that I will never have enough white curtains.

RITVA vs. VIVAN, the showdown, because the world needed to know if RITVAs are worth the price when VIVANs are so much cheaper.

DIY: poster mounting on canvas, which is still one of the simplest yet one of the best DIYs in our new place.

And finally, Mom Wisdom. Because, let’s be honest, my mom linked to it from her facebook. If you can’t get publicity from your mom, who can you get it from?

So there you have it! A year in the life of one redheaded stepchild. I hope you stick around for the next one! Cheers!


Rachel C said...

Congrats, Sarah!! I know I've said it before, but yours is the first blog I read each morning and usually my favorite. :-)

Tina said...

So glad to help... :-) Still so tickled at the posting that I've read it everyday since - most days 2-3 times...
So glad your little blog has grown into its own domain, too! Congratulations, Redhead!

Janice said...

Your blog is the first and ONLY one I read! :) I thoroughly enjoy it each day. It makes me smile each time I read one of your posts. So often I want to hit a "like" button as I'm reading along or I find myself saying, "YEAH! I GET THAT" or "oooo, niiiice" :) Keep blogging, we're all enjoying it.
Congrats on the new domain too! Aren't you Miss Fancy Pants now! :) Can't wait to see ya, oh Mr. P. too! haha