12 June 2013

DIY: RAST dresser makeover (a la Little House Blog), the reveal

Yesterday I showed you how I copied (not “was inspired by”, straight-up COPIED) the popular RAST dresser hack, originally DIY’d by Lindsay at Little House Blog, owner of my #1 blog crush bedroom:

I already gave you the step-by-step, so today I’ll just show you our beautiful new dresser nightstands!

Making the most of our giant bedroom! And working around our tiny closets!

If I haven’t mentioned it here before, Mr. P purchased this bed “for himself” a few months before we got engaged. He did ask me what I thought of it, but I really didn’t expect to be sleeping in it myself years later, so sure, looks great! I admit it’s not necessarily what I would have picked out myself. BUT, I’m glad it worked out that way, because it injects a bit of his personal style into our bedroom. And I’m glad that he unintentionally picked a bed that has the same finish as three coats of Antique Walnut Polyshades by Minwax:

Which means it also has the same finish as our dresser across the room. Take that, modern eclectic bloggers who love mixing finishes! I’mma take that advice and Antique Walnut-Polyshade the heck out of it.

I mentioned yesterday that I bought the exact same pulls that Lindsay used for her RAST dresser project. In her photo, I thought the rings looked quite delicate and I wondered how they’d hold up with routine use. However, I was happy to find that the Lee Valley pulls are actually quite large and sturdy:

Delicate when viewed a distance, durable enough to hold up to my husband’s unintentional roughhousing. Ideal!

I also confess that when I first moved these into the room, after all my hard work, I started worrying about losing the large surface space we had with our old nightstands (which are actually like low cocktail or coffee tables). There’s only enough room for a large lamp and not much else:

(Like my ugly alarm clock, which is currently hidden under the bed because it’s not pretty enough for the photo shoot. Let’s be real here.)

But then I realized: THIS IS MY DREAM SCENARIO. Less surface space = less clutter. More drawers = more hiding my junk away. And everything that was once on my nightstand fit into the bottom drawer (to prevent it from being topheavy). Which means two more drawers for storage! Wheeee!

Oh right. Of course I didn’t paint the inside of the drawers. Because who’s going to see that but you and me and the other three people who read this blog? Exactly.

How’s about a good ol’ DIY breakdown, for old time’s sake?

Time spent
Ignoring the years of dreaming and months of downtime, this project took me about an hour to assemble the dresser body, a few hours to stain it, a few hours to paint the drawer fronts, an hour to put the drawers together, and about an hour to put everything in place. I’d call it a good ten hours total, or a weekend if you can get your act together like I never can.

Two RAST dressers, including tax: $75
Minwax Polyshades: $14 for two small cans
Quart of Behr Ultra paint: $15
Four disposable paintbrushes, one for each coat: $4
Drawer pulls, including shipping: $53
Total cost: $161 for two dressers, or $80 each

Not the cheapest dressers around, but I’d be hard-pressed to find similarly stylish, solid-wood dressers for a lower total price! And $30 of that cost (the stain and paint) can go toward some other planned projects. And just think, when you spread the cost out over the months it took me to make them, this project only cost like $20 a month!

It’s ridiculous that it took me this long to start AND to finish this project, but I’m glad I finally did! Now there’s one less thing for me to lust over when I visit Lindsay’s Little House Blog.


Rachel C said...

Ah! I love this!! I love how the dresser and bed complement each other (hello miracle matching stain!) but the white drawers keep it from being too matchup matchy. And, I hadn't seen the original blog before, so in my eyes, this is a Sarah original.

One question, how does Mr. P feel about non-matching furniture in the bedroom? We bought a new bedroom suit last year, and my husband insisted on getting the whole thing to match (night stands, dresser, bed). I love what we purchased, but I still long for mismatched night stands.

Janice said...

I think it worked out beautifully on several fronts! The fact it matches so well with the bed/dresser are definite bonuses! GOOAL!

Careful with those beautifully DEEP drawers, they make for collection of EXCESSIVE stash of useless stuffs. Experience tells me this :)

I'm a firm believer that there is only a certain amount of creativity in the world. When you see something you like and can reproduce it... GO FOR IT! :)

Love the look of the room. Way to go!

Tina said...

I really like your pretty lamps up higher so they can be seen...
Another project well-done, my Dear. :-)