19 June 2013

DIY wedding week 2013: lace veil and hair flower

Today’s the day, dear readers! It’s officially been three years since Mr. P and I promised to husband and wife for all the days of our lives.

Best three years ever, no doubt.

And lo, those three years ago... I did don a veil. A fancy one, with lace! Because I was a bride who eschewed wedding colors for wedding textures and I was not about to pass up the chance to wear a fancy lacy veil.

Oftentimes when I show people one of our wedding photos, they’ll say, “Ooh, I love your veil!” And I’ll say, “Thanks! My mom and I made it.

Yes. My mom and I made that veil. And it cost me less than fifteen bucks! Here’s how.

First, my mom and I paid a visit to Hobby Lobby, where we found the ivory tulle for two dollars a yard. We splurged and bought three yards, just in case Mom made a mistake. And the fabric desk lady at Hobby Lobby even asked if we were making a veil, to make sure that the tulle she cut for us didn’t have any flaws! Thanks, fabric lady!

I bought Mom a veil pattern (yes, they sell those), but she figured she could freehand it. And she did, quite well, without me even there to serve as a model! How she did that part, I don’t really know, because it’s really perfectly roundish-semicircle-shaped. So... buy a pattern, I guess?

I also bought several yards of lace, which I actually had to cut in half to get the flower outline. It wasn’t hard, just a bit tedious. I’m sure I cut it while lounging on the couch watching television. Then my mom stitched it all together by hand, also probably in front of the television. The only tricky thing is not ripping it, but otherwise, it’s easy!

Then all that was left was attaching it to a clear plastic comb, also procured at Hobby Lobby.

Team effort, I told you. (Also, look at my old bedroom! That was the first room I redid as a married lady. Understandably.)

After all that work, it’s only right that my (short) mom got to attach it to my (much taller) head three years ago today.

But wait – I didn’t even tell you why I didn’t want to drop a load of cash on a store-bought veil (other than the fact that it totally wouldn’t have been as pretty). I wanted a veil for the wedding, but not for the reception. Dropping tons of cash on an accessory that would be worn for three hours, tops, seemed redonkulous.

And what did I want to wear for our reception? This:

Crazy dance moves require freedom of movement!

To make that hair flower, I only spent about five bucks. But it’s priceless, because the brooch in the center was my grandmother’s!

For the rest of the flower, I simply bought a single silk flower from Hobby Lobby, dismantled it to open it up, and sewed some of the petals back together (by hand) before sewing the brooch to the center. Again, I don’t have photos of the process (pre-blog days!) but really... just stitch it together, you’ll be fine.

To the back, I simply added another clear comb – they only sold them in six-packs, and I only needed one for the veil, so I had extra! I stitched through multiple layers of petals to attach the comb, partly to keep the petals in place, and partly so the thing didn’t flop around on my head.

The whole shebang ended up having a crazy amount of thread all haphazardly stitched here and there, but no one would look close enough to care – not even me.

So that’s how my mom and I made my accessories for our wedding day! I felt so bridal wearing them then, despite the fact that together they cost under twenty bucks. Beautiful and frugal – that’s been the name of my game throughout our marriage!

Happy Anniversary, Mr. P! Let’s keep celebrating all week... and every day after that!


Christal said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! so many great memories from that day!

Janice said...

I LOVE the story of your veil! :)

Wishing you both a VERY Happy Anniversary with many, MANY more to come :)!!

Laura said...

You looked beautiful on your wedding day (as always)! Happy anniversary.