26 June 2013

Duvet dilemma

**Sorry for the delay in posting today, dear readers! Would you believe me if I told you that squirrels have eaten our internet? Well, believe it (OMG). I’m posting this as internet is available, and hope to solve it soon! If tomorrow’s post is late... blame the squirrels.

Related: SQUIRRELS ARE THE WORST. Now for today’s post!

A couple of weeks ago, when I showed you my RAST makeover knockoff, I showed you this picture of our bed:

Notice anything missing? Maybe the bright blinding-white duvet will tip you off?

Yes. The duvet cover is missing. If you need a refresher, here’s what it looked like before, here:

And at our old house:

I bought that duvet cover (Thomas O’Brien from Target) right when Mr. P and I first got married. It’s really quite pretty in real life; the background is mostly matte gray with a slight sheen, while the geometric pattern is made of thread that shimmers in the light. It’s also a true queen-size, as opposed to a full/queen, which means fewer cover-sharing fights in our sleep.

Sounds great! Except: we used it for almost three years straight, which created two problems: 1) it got shabby and 2) I got sick of it. Argh.

Actually, if I’m being honest, I created a third problem when I purchased these:

Although you could see them in the RAST dresser post, I don’t think I ever formally introduced you to our new sheets. They’re Threshold brand from Target, and they are soft, beautiful, and just in case you didn’t notice, TICKING STRIPE. Love! And I also grabbed extra plain gray pillowcases for Mr. P since I require two (2) pillows just for me. Two large pillows. That’s another issue that I’ll get to in a minute.

When I bought the new sheets, I thought they’d be the solution to my duvet, uh, malaise. That they would punch up our linens and look snazzy! Instead... they clashed with our duvet cover. Shades of gray, man! There's fifty of them!

Do you see it? Yes, it’s a terrible photo (I had to crop it from another I took for a different reason) but hopefully it comes across: tan-gray duvet, blue-gray sheets. Which didn’t even look blue-gray until I put the duvet against them.

I tolerated it for awhile before giving up and yanking the duvet cover off. Now we just have the plain white duvet on there, which I thought would be nice and bright! Instead it introduced its own set of problems. Let’s be real, cut out the pretty polished photos, and show what our bed really looks like:

Oh for goodness’ sakes.

So that’s where we are now: no duvet cover, sheets that clash with the cover-less white duvet, and a true queen-size duvet with limited options for a replacement cover (most are full/queen, which: no). It bothers me every day, but I haven’t figured out a solution for it yet.

In the meantime, if anyone else wants to share their solution.... or tales of bedding woe... I’d love to hear them!


Rachel said...

Sarah, I have just given up on finding anything I like. After 8 years of trying, I'm just going to make a quilt to cover the nastiness (copied after this one: http://craftyblossom.blogspot.com/2012/09/gingham-patchwork-quilt.html ) and move along. Maybe once we quit sleeping on a bed that makes you feel like you're laying in a ditch (no joke, every time Blair lays down I roll toward the center of the bed), I will feel like fancying it up. Our current solution to this dilemma seems to be for Blair to keep all of his clothing on it all day. Oh, well...

Rachel said...

Oh, P.S. - It really is too bad you live so far away. Other wise, we could just hop into a car together, go to JoAnn's, grab a drink, and hit the sewing machines. (Not with sticks, mind you, but with craftiness.)

Rachel C said...

Best, and most realistic, blog bed picture ever!

Janice said...

I agree with Rachel C... best blog bed pic yet! :)

As for duvet.... check out king size sheets at your fave discounted store. You can often get them for a good price. Take two flat sheets you like.

Brace yourself.... take out that fancy schmancy sewing machine you own but haven't conquered. Sew the sheets on 3 sides.

On the 4th side you can sew Velcro strips about 3" long about every 2 ft across.

Stuff current duvet into this king size pocket. Close at velcro points. Wha-la! Home made cover, colors/patterns you like,
mega-savins! HOW could you go wrong? :) Good luck!

As for MY bed, let's not even go there.... I've tried several different spreads to no avail. sigh. I just pray no one comes to visit ha ha ha

Sarah said...

@Rachel, I absolutely love that you had to specify that we would NOT be hitting the sewing machine with sticks. Because given my history with sewing machines, you might have to hold me back :)

@Janice, I've considered it, for sure! Especially because just a basic soft white duvet would be great. I haven't found the perfect not-quite-white, not-quite-ivory sheets yet, though - at least, not for a price I'm willing to pay to turn into a duvet!