24 June 2013

Eats: Chicken BLT with spicy basil mayo

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: if you happen to follow me on Pinterest, particularly my food board, you’re basically getting a sneak peek of the recipes I’ll be making here on the blog. I don’t pin a ton of stuff I won’t make (all function, no food porn), so it’s basically just one big pin board of blog spoilers.

BUT! Not every recipe I make here is on my Pinterest board. Because sometimes I go totally old school. Sometimes I pick up the free recipe magazines from the grocery store and find something totally worth trying.

This one came from a Schnucks Cooks from a few months back (I can’t remember the exact issue because I tore it out, oops!). I mentioned that I’m embracing the whole sandwiches-for-dinner thing lately, but only if they are fancy sandwiches. So, to fancy these up, I got this half-baked bread from Trader Joe’s:

Yeah, not from Schnucks. Sorry about that, Schnucks. I suppose I could have made bread from scratch, but this was way easier, and sometimes that’s more important. I only needed to use one loaf for two sandwiches.

While the bread was baking, I sliced the chicken lengthwise (so it would be thinner) and sautéed it over the stove:

Grilling would have been tastier, but again, we were keeping it simple. Also, this is way more chicken than you’ll need for two sandwiches; I was also cooking some ahead for dinner later in the week. One chicken breast (sliced lengthwise) is more than enough for two sandwiches, just slice it more after it’s cooked.

I also cooked some bacon (previously) and sliced up an avocado and two small roma tomatoes, which again, is plenty for two sandwiches:

Then I made the part of the recipe that caught my eye when I first flipped through the recipe booklet: spicy basil mayo.

You just need the spice (sriracha), basil (dried, but fresh is better if you have it), and mayo (duh). Oh, and a little bit of lemon juice. I didn’t measure it, but the exact amounts are in the photo above if you want them.

Stir the spicy basil mayo together, and then it’s time to assemble! I started with the mayo, chicken, and bacon:

Then layered on the sliced avocado and tomato...

Then finally topped it with a few slices of romaine lettuce (it is supposed to be a BLT, after all) and the other half of the bread!

Maybe it’s just because I’ve gotten so into sandwiches lately, but I found this to be totally tasty and filling. The spicy mayo is the perfect kick, the avocado is always delicious, and with chicken and bacon you can’t go wrong!

I don’t have a Monday meal plan for you this week (too busy and not eating at home), so instead I’ll just suggest adding this to your summery light dinner options. Enjoy!