03 June 2013

Eats: coconut chocolate chip cookies

When I was meal planning this past week (see below!), I was dead-set against meals that required using my oven, or even required standing over the open flame on the stove. This past weekend was pleasant enough here in STL, but soon enough, it’ll be in triple-digit temperatures and I will be informing Mr. P that dinner will be served just as soon as we walk to the frozen yogurt shop down the street.

However! Blazing temps aside, I have yet to learn a way to make chocolate chip cookies without the oven. So for today’s recipe, yes, you’ll need to turn on the oven just for a little bit. But these chocolate chip cookies are different. They’re summery. They’ll make you feel beachy. They are made with THIS:

Coconut oil! You need to score this stuff at Trader Joe’s. I noticed it at Schnuck’s the other day and it was fully twice the price. Even at Trader Joe’s, a jar isn’t cheap (I think this one was between $6-7?) but it’s a fun treat.

Our recipe today comes from this source, and I’ll admit, it’s this recipe alone that inspired me to finally buy the coconut oil. I’ve since found other uses for it (especially for stir-frying Thai-flavored dishes), but really, these cookies are tops.

I halved the recipe, so I started with a quarter-cup of coconut oil and half a cup of brown sugar:

I mixed that around in my Kitchenaid, then added an egg, a tablespoon of vanilla extract (I used imitation, so no need to skimp), a quarter-teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking powder, and one-eighth teaspoon of baking soda (honestly, I just eyeball all of those measurement in my one-teaspoon measuring spoon):

Whew. It sounds like a lot of ingredients, but really, they come together as quickly as you can add them!

Then comes the flour, a heaping three-quarters of it (half of 1 3/4 cups doesn’t divide nicely):

And finally, I added six ounces of milk chocolate chips.

I thought about adding shredded coconut as well, but I didn’t know just how coconutty these would be. Now I know that some shredded coconut would be delicious in these! But even if you don’t have shredded coconut, the coconut flavor from the oil is prominent enough to be tasty by itself.

Once the dough came together, I used my cookie scoop to drop them on a well-greased cookie sheet. DON’T squish them down; they’ll spread the perfect amount if you leave them in balls like that.

Please ignore my scummy baking sheet. Clearly, I always use it well-greased.

Then I popped them in a preheated 375-degree oven for nine minutes. And that’s it! Super soft and chewy, delicious coconut chocolate chip cookies!

You should know, I came to this recipe as a pretty big Tollhouse fan (you know, the standard cookie recipe on the back of any chocolate chips bag, Tollhouse or any other brand). But you guys, I think these might even be better if you like coconut flavor. The texture is fantastic, and the authentic coconut flavor (as opposed to the fake flavoring you and I are probably used to) is delightful. The coconut makes them the perfect summery chocolate chip cookie, even if you do have to turn on the oven to bake them. I’ll be making these again!

And finally, here’s this week’s Monday Meal Plan! I skipped last week’s because I was traveling or eating out for work for most of it. This week’s is better, and as I mentioned, I strongly avoided the oven. I made the bacon for the carbonara and the chicken for the salad and tacos today, when the weather was cool. And while I have to turn on the oven Wednesday for the pizza, once in a week isn’t so bad! Here it is:

Sunday: Cookout grub with a group from church (woohoo, no cooking for meee!)

Monday: Penne carbonara with roasted broccoli

Tuesday: Buffalo chicken salad (I use the bottled sauce for the chicken, easy-peasy, and top with other veggies and goat cheese)

Wednesday: Focaccia pizza with pesto, tomato, and goat cheese, with salad

Thursday: Chicken tacos with avocado, chips, and salsa

Friday: Mr. P doesn’t know it yet, but he’s grilling burgers for us. If the meal turns out like I want it to, I’ll be sharing it here!

Saturday: Leftovers, if I don’t finagle a dinner date somehow

That’s it and that’s all! Hope you all have a great week!


Rachel said...

I am in love with coconut oil!! I use it in everything (and my dirty little secret is...I also wash my face with it!).

Tina said...

Rachel - I'm with you! Although I use co in a face cleansing rotation for now trying to use up all my impulse purchased hoped-for improvements over co, the co will remain once the others are well-gone. I do use it alone tho' every time in removing eye make-up in the prep to "wash"... the stuff is wonderful! I also keep some in a small plain jar by my tv chair for my hands and forearms treatment while watching the *tube* (hmmm, which it's not anymore, is it???=/)Coconut chocolate chip cookies by my chair sounds like a winner, too! ;-)