04 June 2013

First apartmentiversary

Do guys, per chance, watch Parks and Recreation? There was an episode recently that featured Amy Pohler’s character Leslie and her love of anniversaries. She’s got waffle day (commemorating when she and her now-husband first ate waffles together), breakfast day (to honor her first breakfast with her best friend), and even mail day (to celebrate when she met her mail lady).

Lately I’ve been feeling a little like Leslie, what with celebrating our engagiversary (back in May), the blogiversary, our upcoming wedding anniversary this month. And over the weekend, we had another – the apartmentiversary!

That’s right, it’s officially been a year since we packed up our stuff, sold our house in Nashville, drove into St. Louis (in the worst traffic jam I’ve experienced in this city to date), and set up shop here in our new place. The one-year mark makes me a little frustrated by what I haven’t done around here, but that’s because I easily forget how it started out. So let’s take a look back and make a few lists along the way!


Before-ish (taken six months ago, close enough):

And by now, I’ve completed:
  • Moving the furniture in and figuring out that this is a foyer. That’s about it.


That’s slightly better, but there’s much left to do:
  • Purchase the perfect rug (ONLY the perfect one, which I can see in my head but haven’t found yet)
  • Paint the china cabinet (currently in the office), move it in here, and style it
  • Determine what to do with our useless fishtank conversation zone area
  • Create window treatments for the one window
  • Change up the fabric of the aquarium panels (the green’s not doing it for me anymore)
  • Hang some art on the walls and cabinet fronts
  • Create a “landing strip” zone in the entryway with a place to put reminders and hang jackets

Living room


In contrast to the foyer, we’ve gotten quite a bit done in here!
  • Found and purchased a new couch
  • Bought a new rug
  • Bought new chairs
  • Built and painted the bookshelves
  • Styled the bookshelves, sorta
  • Got an awesome arc lamp for the corner
  • Sewn some pillows and gotten a few new pillow covers
  • Hung curtains for all the windows
  • Framed and hung some wedding photos
  • Mounted and hung some art over the fireplace


  • New coffee table (we are still using one from a PATIO SET OMG)
  • Finish organizing the coat/broom/linen closet in here
  • Figure out how to hang some heavy Nashville art on the wall
  • Trim out the bookshelves to look like one cohesive unit



  • ”Styling” the upper cabinets (not sure I love all the faux-liage, but whatever)
  • Hanging the trivet-holder on the wall (minor, yes, but it involved holes in the wall = BIG DEAL)
  • Attempting to grow plants in the bay window and failing
  • Neutral-izing the accessories


On the to-do list in here:
  • Hang the shelves on the wall for the rest of the crystal and silver (they’ve been leaning against the wall in the butler’s pantry for OFFICIALLY a year
  • Neutral-ize the table linens (I’ve gotten started on that)
  • Window treatments?
  • More art on the one remaining wall?

I wish there was more, but I don’t know what else to do with this green green green rental kitchen. Oh well.

Butler’s pantry


  • Nothing except unpacking. Did you even remember we have a butler’s pantry? Sometimes I forget myself.


Yes. Basically the same. This “room” is low-priority, but it’d be nice to tackle a few of these things:
  • Hang art on the wall (it has only been leaning against the wall on the floor FOR A YEAR)
  • Move the silver on the countertop to shelves in the kitchen
  • Replace the red lampshade with a neutral one
  • Create a cute faux roman-shade type of window treatment

Master bedroom


I can feel better about what I’ve completed in here:
  • Hang art over the bed
  • Create and hang Ballard-esque faux leaded glass mirrors
  • Hang curtains around the windows
  • New stripey sheets, and taking the old duvet cover off – I recently got tired of it
  • Figure out way to “hang” a mirror over the dresser (our old entryway mirror props up perfectly)
  • Hang a light in Mr. P’s closet


Progress! But I have a few things in here in mind:
  • New dresser nightstands (this is ALMOST done! I’ll show you soon)
  • Hang my super-heavy sunburst mirror between the windows, somehow
  • Hem the curtains
  • Some sort of ottoman on the far wall, to hide the outlets and store linens for the bed?
  • Move the super-heavy antique mirror that’s been leaning against the wall in here for a year elsewhere
  • New duvet cover, to replace the one I removed in a fit?



I tackled some projects that made this room more functional:
  • Purchasing a stylish storage cabinet
  • Creating and hanging fabric panels for under-the-sink storage
  • Painting and repurposing a shelf for towel storage
  • Hanging art and shelves on the wall


I’m not quite done in here yet:
  • Make a faux roman shade window treatment out of the same ticking-stripe fabric
  • Secure the panels with something better than thumbtacks (because seriously, Mr. P knocks them down every time he needs something under the sink)
  • Find a bigger rug to cover more of the beat-up, pinky-beige linoleum
  • Make better use of the cubby space in the half-wall (how? Not sure yet!)

Office-y type room


Oh man. I feel like I’ve spent so much energy thinking about this room but it’s still such a hot mess. Here’s what I’ve managed so far:
  • Dressed-down the chandelier so it’s closer to my taste (I said closer)
  • Rearranged the furniture multiple times
  • Painted the printer stand
  • Painted the little desk gray and found a chair for it (it’s since become my sewing space)
  • Replaced the knobs on the wood desk with something more interesting
  • Hung the Nashville prints on the wall


Hmmm. The to-do list is still long and rather vague in here:
  • Find and hang window treatments
  • Improve the little bookshelf (either with paint, or finding another place for those things and getting rid of it)
  • Make better use of the window nook than just a storage space
  • Brighten up the black filing cabinet, or perhaps get rid of it
  • Re-paint the printer stand – the blue isn’t working for me
  • Hang some things on the wall (our diplomas, perhaps?)
  • Find better lighting than just “all the leftover lamps in the apartment”
  • Mount and hang some other city art I have (I’ll show you when I get to it!)
  • Move the china cabinet out into the foyer
  • Replace the big, old desk chair with something more stylish (if Mr. P would agree)
  • Organize the closet
  • Have some sort of divine inspiration for what to do with this room, because I’m basically stuck

And finally...

Guest room


I’ve kept you waiting long enough, I know. But what I’ve done in here could fill another post or two, so here’s another (mostly)-completed sneak peek for today!


And I’ll elaborate on the to-do list in a later post, too!

Happy apartmentiversary, dear readers! It’s been fun working on our apartment this past year, even if I’ve not made the progress that I thought I might. Starting a new job in a new city is a bit time-consuming, and anyway, I need a bit more time here to figure out what I’m doing. Fortunately, we should be here for more apartmentiversaries to come. I hope you will be too!


Rachel C said...

Ah! That guest room!! I am dying for the details and big reveal. I'm ready to pack my bags and move in.

I honk you've accomplished a lot in one year. We recently celebrated our 3 year houseiversary, and I haven't done even half of what you have. Plus, our "guest room" is still a complete junk room with unpacked boxes and crap that needs to be thrown away.

Janice said...

Don't get down on yourself. Just look at the blog you wrote today and take comfort in all the things you DID do in the past year!!!
I've been here a LOT longer and haven't accomplished 1/3rd of what you have done! It's now time to update the house again and intimidation of decorating has me frozen into doing nothing... again. UGH. So, take comfort your place looks G R E A T! You've done a LOT!

Christal said...

YOU ARE AMAZING! Your house is so amazingly beautiful and uncluttered! Please come make our house that doesn't yet exist located in a city TBD amazing as well?
Also, after your emergency shower handle/poster hanging debacle, I would have thought you'd shied away from thumbtacks. ;-)
(also, can I move my kitchen into your butler pantry? Or maybe some clothes? :-) )