27 June 2013

My favorite things, June (summery clothing) edition

Happy end-of-June, errbody! Hard to believe that the summer is halfway over, right? It is totally flying by. I was stunned that it’s already time to sum up my favorite things for the month of June... especially because I didn’t experience that many new foods or websites or shops this month. It’s summertime, what can I say? It’s the only time of year that I find it appropriate to “chillax” AND use the word “chillax”.

However! It did occur to me that I did spend a lot of time this month seeking out some new, favorite items of clothing. After I cleaned out my closet last month, I bought a few (few!) newer, nicer things to replace those outdated, ill-fitting, often holey-and-stained pieces I removed. Because it’s been a while since I bothered to take a photo of what I wore, and because my only new finds this month are of the clothing variety, I thought I’d tell you about them! (Sorry boys: today’s for the ladies.)

To quote Kelly Kapoor: Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!

First up:

This $20 cardigan from H&M. I saw it in the store a little while ago, but didn’t get it... and then regretted it. Because black and white stripes, y’all! I confess, the sleeves do hit at an odd place as-is, but rolling them up looks awesome. (Actually, I find that I have to roll a lot of my sleeves up to look better. Maybe I have weirdly proportioned arms?) I’m a year-round fan of cardigans, and I’m glad to finally introduce one that isn’t a solid color.

Next up, believe or not, a pattern that isn’t stripes:

This navy trellis tunic is from Old Navy, and I admit, I hated paying full price ($30) for it. It’s super thin and flimsy, I’m still a little worried that it will rip, it requires ironing to look its snazziest, and on principle, I was annoyed that I had to purchase it in XS (I AM NOT EXTRA SMALL).

But. But! Hot DANG, is it cute on me. Cute enough that I sucked it up and paid that $30 and have enjoyed every second wearing it. A lot of people on the website are complaining that it’s an odd fit, that the sleeves are too tight. Well, we’ve already established here today that I have weird, gangly arms, so on me? Perfect.

While at Old Navy I also found this little black dress (sorry it looks washed-out; I adjusted the color so it wasn’t just a black silhouette blob):

Unfortunately it’s out of stock on their website (cached here), and again, I was annoyed at paying full-price ($30) for an XS that feels flimsy. But again, it looks great on me! After one washing it shrunk enough to be almost too short on my leggy figure. But it hasn’t shrunk since, and now it’s my go-to “I don’t know how fancy this event is” attire.

And because one can never have too many LBDs:

When I was cleaning out my closet, I decided that I was no longer going to worry about having “two of the same thing.” It’s true that if I have an item of clothing exactly like the one I want to buy, I may not need that item of clothing. But it’s also true that I should not, instead, buy something completely different. Years of doing that led to a very eclectic closet full of things I only kinda liked. I learned not to do that with my home years ago; it’s the equivalent of saying “Oh, I already have a blue floral throw pillow, better buy the orange chevron instead!” Ugh, no. Go with what you like, go with what coordinates, go with what works.

Which is why I now also own this LBD from H&M. It’s also missing from their website, but I paid $25 for it. It’s stretchy and got a sheer, drapey layer that is just a smidge longer than the shell, which is good for my lengthy legs. And while it is a totally different style than the other LBD (and different fabric, different cut)... I’m not even going to defend buying both. I love LBDs, the end.

But I will get out of my LBD comfort zone occasionally:

Unlike my other two Old Navy purchases, I felt like this dress was money well spent (I found a size 4 on sale for $25). It’s totally not flimsy but wonderfully fluffy, lined cotton, with excellent boning support for the strapless top. It survived washing without shrinking, and looks awesome by itself or under a cardigan or cropped blazer. And it proves I can wear dresses that aren’t black! High five!

I will admit, though, that the strapless dress is a bit beachy. As is this getup:

After years of wearing bikinis while trying to coat my entire body in sunblock, then failing and burning, I finally decided to find a super-flattering, skin-covering swimsuit that wouldn’t require me to buy a factory’s worth of Coppertone to survive in the sun. Both the swimsuit top ($20) and bottom ($18) are from Target, and I finally purchased them after trying on EVERY DANG SWIMSUIT IN SAINT LOUIS IN A SINGLE AFTERNOON. The halter works well on smallish-chested me, and the length of the top is superb. No belly burning for me! Now get out, fancy Nordstrom’s swimsuits that cost five times as much. You are less flattering than this number from Tar-zhay.

And the hat? Scored it at H&M for $12 (though it’s also not on their website). I was going to buy the classic floppy-brimmed beach hat, actually had it in hand... but found this one in the back of the store. I put it on, asked Mr. P, “Is this one cuter?” and he said YES. Not his usual shrug. A instant and definite ANSWER and it was YES. So I channeled my Nashville roots and wore this cowgirl-esque hat with pride.

Say. Why exactly did I need a sun-blocking hat? And maybe you’ve noticed frequent mentions of the word “beach”? Or the fact that I spent a brain-explodey afternoon swimsuit shopping?

Hint hint. HINT. More on that tomorrow! Until then, anyone else find new favorites in June? I am apparently seriously lacking in pop culture found outside of H&M or Old Navy.


Tina said...

Oh, boy! I've been WAITING for some mention of the subject of tomorrow's post... finally!!! :-)

Janice said...

Cute outfits in your faves this month!

Can't wait to hear more tomorrow. Got a glimpse the other day ;) Need more details. Inquiring minds want to know.