06 June 2013

Oh, the places we've gone!

Thank you all for your lovely comments about the guest room! Honestly, they meant a lot to me. Maybe it’s silly, but it’s nice to feel like I can create a space that feels like the perfect room for us in a rental. Some of our other rooms are getting there (the living room’s improved a ton!) so it’s encouraging to know that hey, I can have a vision AND execute it!

One of the details I glossed over yesterday was this wall of city prints:

Which might look very, very familiar if you’re a reader of YHL.

Yup, I straight-up stole one of their ideas. Borrowed-ish. When they shared the source of their city prints – a calendar produced by Rifle Paper Coand I discovered it cost all of THIRTEEN DOLLARS... well. Of course I grabbed my credit card, right then and there, and scored me one of my own! I think they sold out within minutes and I was lucky to get one. Thanks, John and Sherry!

Before I got the tip from YHL, I’d been clicking around Etsy and the like, looking for art of meaningful places to Mr. P and me (because my many Nashville prints aren’t enough, I guess). But, let’s be honest... I’m cheap. And as much as I wanted to support independent artists, I couldn’t take the plunge and spend $40 on a print unless I truly loved it – and I had yet to find The One. However... for a calendar with perfect colors and design that would cost me just over a dollar per print, including a city we honeymooned in and a city we visited together last Sunday? LOVE.

So let’s get this art on the walls! Because I’m crazypants, I dismantled the calendar carefully by opening the spiral binding:

And separated the prints easily, without creating all those torn bits you get from ripping out spiral-bound paper. Those are the WORST.

Then it’s time for frames. I know IKEA RIBBA frames would have been less expensive, but the off-white color of the matte drives me batty. So I spent a few dollars extra for this kind from Target:

And in retrospect, that was perhaps not the wisest decision, because these frames? Are almost. Never. In. Stock. My first Target trip, I was only able to grab two. I went to a different Target, where I found one more. A third trip to Target yielded me EXACTLY ZERO MORE.

Get it together, Target. I mean really.

So now I have three frames, and I know from taping random items to the wall that I would like FOUR:

Blargh. (And my walls are looking lo-res again! AHH!)

Ah well, the show must go on. So a few screws later, I was able to hang the first three, for now!

Which happen to be the three cities that Mr. P and I have visited! Well, we’ve visited Rome together, and we’ve been to London separately and together. Only I’ve been to New York (twice!), but someday Mr. P and I will go together. And as soon as Target will restock its shelves GEEZ LOUISE, the next city on my wish list will grace the wall: Paris! (No joke, I think I know a way to make it happen soon-ish.)

Someday perhaps I’ll have a house that has enough space to hang more of the prints (Tokyo and Amsterdam are gorgeous!)... and perhaps I’ll have the funds to travel there too. Until then, this art will remind me of happy times in faraway places!

Unfortunately, I can’t be as awesome as YHL and direct you to this great deal, although Rifle Paper Co does have an adorable garden calendar on sale for eight dollars. But if it’s these city prints you must have, Rifle Paper Co has started selling them separately... FOR FORTY BUCKS A POP. Whoa. High five for meaningful art and a great deal!


Janice said...

Have you looked at Target.com to see if they carry it? You could order on line, have them shipped to the store for pick up saving you shipping/handling fees. Might allow you to score additional frames. Which by the way are very cute!

Christal said...

I can help you achieve NYC togetherness! :-)

Sarah said...

@Janice, unfortunately, they don't! You can find them on their website, but it says there "only in stores". There's also a bunch of reviews on that page about insufficient stock in stores, so I'm not the only one griping about this.