07 June 2013

Photo Friday #102: guess who

I recently had [an excuse] to look through all my old photo albums to find a baby photo of myself for a baby shower game at work. There are times where I complain about the curse of being an only child, having to haul ALL THESE PHOTOS around every time we move. But there are other times, when it’s so nice to be able to go over to a cabinet and flip through photos from my past.

My submission: crazy red hair and crooked open-mouthed smile. Dead giveaway.

The shower actually hasn’t happened yet, which means I’m going to lose the game if any of my coworkers read this blog and know that’s my photo. Then again, if my coworkers read my blog, losing a shower game is just one of many concerns.


Janice said...

Cute picture! Don't stand a chance at winning unless you find a picture that shows you wearing a hat :)

How about digitizing the photos. Then you carry a USB or external hard drive instead of all the albums :)

Have a great weekend.

Miles said...

Such a cute baby face!

Mary Beth said...

That picture was taken shortly before we met. Aww! :)