14 June 2013

Photo Friday #103: summer sun

Practically every night this week I’ve commented to Mr. P, “It feels so much earlier than it actually is!” Know why? THE SUN. It’s up before I make my coffee in the morning, it’s still shining when we’re done with dinner. If there were a place on earth that had sixteen hours of daylight every day, year round, you can bet your buns I’d be finding a way to move my family there.

This church at the end of our street (not the Cathedral Basilica, another church – St. Louis is lousy with churches) always gets hit with the best evening light, especially in the summertime. For some reason, the sight of this church bathed in sunset glow always awakens in me some sort of deep sentimental appreciation for beauty. Maybe because it’s a gorgeous textured building, maybe because the sun is out for so much longer. I just inexplicably love it.

I know we’re still a week away from the solstice, so let me be the first to say: welcome, summer. Stay as long as you like.