13 June 2013

STL adventures: Shakespeare in Forest Park

Recently I mentioned to a new summer student, who attends university out of state, that June is the best month in St. Louis. Growing up in the south, June was just another one of those disgustingly hot summer months. Our Nashville wedding day in mid-June had a morning filled with pop-up thunderstorms and an afternoon with temperatures topping in the high 90s. You want pretty weather in the South? Try March.

But in St. Louis, June is when it’s at. For the most part, high temps barely graze eighty degrees, humidity is low, and you can dress in layers to be comfortable all day long. And the best part is, because it’s summer? There’s stuff to do all the dang time.

Like last Saturday, when we (and a few thousand of our fellow citizens) attended a performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in Forest Park.

Click here for a bigger version!

We met up with a few of our former-Nashville-now-St-Louis friends for this lovely evening. They got there early enough to get us decent seats, right by the sound booth! And arriving early meant extra time for chatting, eating (chocolate and cheese and bread and fruit and popcorn and more!), drinking wine, and of course, taking photographs.

One of the members of our party took this awesome opportunity to bring her son. He was an absolute darling, perfectly willing to quietly entertain himself on the blankets in front of us, but also happy to share his cars with the other boys:

If I were guaranteed to have kids like that one, I’d have a dozen.

There were also some “Green Show” acts for the crowd before the 8PM curtain time. The other ladies in our group took the little man to check it out, but I held down the fort and watched the fire-juggling from afar. I mean, snacks and wine beats fire juggling any day, right? Fortunately, there were a few folks (actors?) dressed in costume walking around the crowd providing entertainment as well.

(I’m referring to the man in a robe and brimless hat, lest you think that’s normal attire for a Saturday night in St. Louis.)

After the show started, I regretted not bringing my real camera; all these were shot with my iPod camera with the quality leaving something to be desired. The staging was absolutely gorgeous and I’d have loved to get a few good photos of it to show you.

They played music live on stage, they delivered the centuries-old language in a rhythm that held my attention, and hammed it up at all the right moments. (Dude, so many dirty jokes. Whoa.)

The whole experience was just so lovely that I’m tempted to go back again just for the ambiance, the friendship, and let’s be honest, the snacks. Instead, I think I’ll find other ways to enjoy this beautiful month in our new-ish city!


Christal said...

Umm, that's not AB's son, right? Am I THAT out of the loop????

How fun!!

Sarah said...

HA! Goodness gracious, no. That's another colleague's kid. AB's wife was commenting endlessly, though, on how good that kid looked in his lap :)