25 July 2013

City art, completed!

When I (finally!) showed you the changes I’d made to our guest room, I mentioned a few things that I still had left to do. Like finish this wall of frames:

As you’ll recall, the prints were from a clearance-sale Rifle Paper Co. calendar that I was tipped off to by YHL. While I love all twelve prints, I decided to just stick to four across this wall. I also decided to use these frames from Target:

Although slightly pricier than the IKEA VIRSERUM (which I still call VERITASERUM) frames I used here , I really liked the Target frames for the extra-wide mat. I also reasoned that, because there are no less than ten Target stores in the St. Louis metro area and precisely zero IKEAs, I could get this project done sooner.

HAHAHA. Famous last words.

In reality, it took me also no less than ten trips to Target(s) to find my desired four frames (and no, they are not sold online). I told you about the first three trips in the previous post; first trip got me one, second trip got me two, and a third trip got me NONE. As was the case every time I went to Target thereafter, over the course of months, at different stores at different times of day. Each time, I cruised by the frames aisle in the hopes of snagging just one more frame. They always had, like the number of IKEA stores around here, precisely zero.

Until one day recently. I cynically stopped by the frames aisle even though I knew there wouldn’t be any frames because duh. But rather than a big gaping hole where these frames should be stocked, the spot was completely filled! So many frames! Frames for all! I can’t believe I didn’t snap a photo of the display, I WAS SO SHOCKED.

I resisted the urge to buy, like, six of them (maybe that’s Target’s business plan? Frustrate you into unnecessary hoarding?) in favor of just one. But the only thing that stopped me from purchasing extra frames was that there were dinged-up marks on every. frame. Every one. Every single one of that well-stocked display. And I should know, because I was the crazy lady juggling all those frames and examining each one.

I’ll say it again: GET IT TOGETHER, TARGET.

Anyway. I selected the least-damaged one for myself. It had only this little nick on the side (as opposed to multiple dings or scratches or places where it looked like the frame had never even been painted):

I just touched it up with a craft brush and a tiny bit of white paint (Glidden’s Swan White, which was a close-enough match that I already had on hand):

Then it was only a matter of taping the print to the mat, driving a screw into the wall (I’m scared to use anchors in my plaster walls, so for now I use large-ish gauge screws), and hanging it up to complete the wall!

PS: I love the light in this room, but holy moly is it hard to photograph anything with a reflective surface. At least, if I don’t want to cameo in the photographs.

As I mentioned the last time I talked about these prints, Mr. P and I have been to London, New York, and Rome, but neither of us has been to Paris. We’ll need to rectify that so I can feel I’ve earned the right to hang this on our wall!

But until then, I’m happy to make our guests staying in this room feel like world travelers... even if they’re just visiting little St. Louie.


Janice said...

I can share your frustration with the damaged goods once they are in stock! Have had that experience more times than I care to count. grrr How can something get so smucked up in transit?! phooey.
Pictures look cute on the wall. Love the idea and you may see it replicated (somewhat) on MY wall in MY guest room ;)

Mary Beth said...

Those look SO good, Sarah!