15 July 2013

Eats: rosemary flatbread

Whew! Whoa. Um, hello!

Not gonna lie, it’s tough to come back from vacation. My voice (writing voice, that is) feels scratchy from lack of use. There may be some metaphorical throat-clearing during today’s post. Sorry about that. See, I lined up all those vacation posts in one single day, and then yes, I actually took a blog vacation. And now, two weeks later, I’m all, holy moly I have a BLOG? WORDS, HOW DO THEY WORK. SENTENCES? I DO NOT EVEN KNOW.

This, dear readers, is why I post every day.

So let’s get back to it! It’s Monday, and though I’ve been away, I remember enough to know that Monday means it’s time for EATS. And this week I’m carb-ing it up with fellow bread-lover Tracy Shutterbean. Specifically, her herbed flatbread that’s been winking at me from her sidebar every time I visited her page for what feels like forever.

I don’t know why I took so long to make it. It’s super duper easy, perfect for a crowd or just for me, and I had everything on hand to try it with the exception of fresh rosemary. Which, check it out:

Splurging on fresh herbs! I know! It’s like now that I’m back from vacation, you don’t even know me anymore.

I minced a few sprigs of rosemary (more than the “one tablespoon” Tracy calls for in her recipe) and added that to one and three-quarters cups of flour, three-quarters of a teaspoon of regular ol’ table salt, and a teaspoon of baking powder.

I stirred that together with a fork (in lieu of actually sifting the flour), then made a well in the middle to pour in a half-cup of water and a third-cup of olive oil with my favorite antique metal measuring cup.

You know, I always wondered if that “make a well” business was important or just a pretentious baker thing. Turns out: it is way easier to gradually mix the water/oil into the flour when you have a well. Start by stirring just the liquid in the middle, and slowly expand the circle to incorporate more and more of the flour.

Advanced bakers are rolling their eyes at me, but hey. You gotta learn somehow! And by “you” I mean me. I gotta learn somehow.

After a few minutes of gradually incorporating the flour by stirring with a fork, I eventually created a lump-less dough! Hurrah!

I formed it into a ball, squeezed it around a few times (that totally counts as kneading, right?)...

... and then divvied it into three. The other two thirds should be wrapped up (I didn’t bother and yes, the outside got a bit dry). The remaining third got rolled out on parchment paper, brushed with olive oil, and topped with additional rosemary and sea salt. I used basic Trader Joe’s stuff because I am not fancy.

Then I threw the dough on the parchment paper into a preheated 425-degree oven with a baking sheet waiting inside. Eight minutes away from a delicious flatbread! Or... puffbread? Is that even a thing?


Womp womp.

I have no idea why one of my flatbreads eschewed its moniker and became decidedly not flat. The other two turned out lovely.

So, while I’d highly recommend this easy-peasy flatbread as an appetizer for the next time you have company, I can’t help you avoid a puffbread incident. I can tell you that it’s delicious anyway.

Especially with goat cheese and/or hummus. With a glass of wine. Eaten straight off the cutting board, standing at the kitchen counter, because your husband is away traveling and there’s no one around to judge you.

Except... except for you, dear readers. But that’s okay because now you can eat puffy flatbread with hummus at your counter, too! Join me in making Tracy’s flatbread. And enjoy!


Rachel said...

I am shockingly out of flour, but as soon as I replenish, I WILL be making these!