23 July 2013

Patio table, begone!

For our first apartmentiversary (back at the beginning of June, which means we are officially WAY INTO our second year here), I listed some of my “to-do” projects for the apartment. And one of them was to finally stop using a daggum outdoor patio table in our decidedly indoor living room.

I mean... it’s a nice enough patio table. But I am grown. And having outdoor furniture instead of a normal coffee table was driving me bonkers.

So I’m happy to announce that we have finally eschewed the patio table for something more stylish and, well, indoor-appropriate. And it all came about because of this project:

The new dresser-nightstands displaced the old nightstands, which were technically antique coffee tables. Well! They had to go somewhere, right? Yes. They went RIGHT HERE.

OMG OMG OMG squeeee!! I couldn’t have found something I like more in any store. And they were already in my house. Oh heck yes.

The only downside... well, let me stop myself right there, because I don’t see any downside right now. I do know that if/when we have a Little P, a glass coffee table with sharp corners and all sorts of eye-poking-out ornaments does not a good play space make.

So I think that means our happily-childless family should enjoy these beauties right now!

Mr. P, however... well, I moved these into place while Mr. P was out of town and enjoyed them the whole three days he was gone. Mr. P came home and immediately scratched his foot on the corner. Great. Apparently they’re equally injury-inducing for adults. But I really can’t be too bothered about it, I’m just so happy to replace that patio table. All I’ll do is warn you, if you visit us, that our coffee tables are ever so slightly hazardous.

They’re also a little beat up. I told you, they’re antique!

I could fix the paint but.. meh. My mother picked these out of a junk store a good two decades ago, and they aren’t necessarily quality. The bases are faux wood laminate that perhaps got wet once upon a time:

But again, meh. I could paint them, but I’m in love with that original gold print detail around the edges. And anyway, every room needs a few imperfect antiques, and these are mine. Besides, you won’t notice the buckling laminate because now we have another shelf to pile our stuff upon!

I kid. Only slightly. I debated “styling” these for photos but decided instead to show you what it’s really like around Casa P.

And anyway, for years I’ve kept it real with our coffee table meant to grace a patio. Now we have for-real coffee tables as coffee tables and I couldn’t be happier!


Rachel said...

And they look super awesome with that rug!