12 July 2013

Photo Friday #107: vacaciones de verano, día último

I’ll be honest: I was not really looking forward to this vacation in Cancún. Neither was Mr. P. Cancún had never been high on our list of places to visit, and even though my flight was paid for by my work, we were still dropping a lot of our own cash on this trip. Our hotel was all-inclusive and had decent reviews, but we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. We worried we were heading right into a tourist trap, with sub-par food and crappy service and hidden upcharges, and paying a ton of money for the “privilege”.

We ended up having an amazing time, and not just because we went in with rock-bottom expectations.

The beach was almost creepily clean (like a pristine sandbox) and the sea impossibly turquoise. The food at our hotel was super fancy and delicious, and the staff was unfailingly polite. We were blessed with good weather and fellow hotel guests, and even the people walking the beach trying to sell trinkets and cigars were totally unobtrusive. Everything we wanted truly was included, and when I accidentally tried to order something that wasn’t, the waiter quickly let me know (and offered a glass of the included Pinot instead of the extra-charge one I ordered). By the end of the vacation, I was thinking to myself, “I could totally come back here every summer.”

A+++ vacation. Would buy again.


Janice said...

I love it when things turn out better than initially imagined! Like you and Mr. P, Cancun has not been on my bucket list either. After seeing your pictures and reading your blog, I think I may have to reconsider! Got a picture the other day from the newlyweds. They look so relaxed and happy with the ocean behind them made me think, 'I just may need to go there too!" haha They aren't in Cancun but close enough ;)