26 July 2013

Photo Friday #109: all in a day’s work

I hesitated to share this photo today, as for your sake and mine, I generally try to leave the worky-worky stuff away from the blog. But I’m breaking the rule today, mostly because this workweek was far from routine. For the past several days, my labmates and I have been responsible for moving all of our stuff out of our current lab space and setting it up all by ourselves in a different building. That’s why, instead of a professional uniformed mover arranging our things properly, we sometimes had to do things this way.

I like to pretend that I’m cloistered in my ivory tower making important scientific breakthroughs on a daily basis. The reality is a lot less glamorous and sometimes involves leopard-print leggings. Sorry to shatter your illusions.


Janice said...

This cracks me up! T. just went through a move at his place of employment. Not quite as close quartered as your situation but moving is always a pain no matter what. Tomorrow we help K. move to her new apt. Lots of moving going on around here!

Shanna said...

How on earth did you get crammed into that little space I wasn't sure if that was an arm or a leg at first! Good thing you're young and limber :)

Sarah said...

@Shanna, it wasn't me crammed in there - that's my 4'10", 24-year-old coworker! Not sure I would have made it, either :)