24 July 2013

Summer home magazine therapy

Say, remember when I was all melt-downy two whole Octobers ago, and all I really wanted to do was sit on the living room floor and eat leftover chili and read magazines? And then I did it?

Warning, warning: I'm getting all melt-downy again. There's some pressing deadlines at work, coupled with the inability to actually do any work (we are moving to a new lab space and, well, CHAOS). My travels have finally ceased, but Mr. P is traveling all over the dang place, and people are traveling to visit us. I feel like I’m working non-stop, at home or at work or at family because working at family is totally a thing, too.

It's time for some more living-room-floor-magazine-reading. With ice cream, as per the season.

Thankfully, I already picked up a $5 subscription to Better Homes and Gardens! So here’s a few things that caught my eye from the recent summer issues.

Lately I’ve been wholeheartedly embracing gold finishes (for mirrors, for drawer pulls, and even for our recently-transplanted coffee tables). Which makes me think perhaps I should give this little craft project a try:

BHG had a tutorial for how to gold leaf the frames with actual gold leaf, but I don’t see why you couldn’t just paint the corners with craft paint. Or, for the ultimate in non-commitment, use gold paint on painter’s tape on the corners! Hmm, upcoming project?

Next: these two rooms, from two separate issues, share my current favorite color palette.

Plus some other elements that make me swoon, like the natural (jute, perhaps?) rugs, floral pillows, and furniture covered in white (the upholstery and the quilt). The wallpaper and headboard in the bedroom are a bit much for me... too much pastel, perhaps? But on the whole, I think these separate rooms would work well together in a future home.

Another thing I love in that living room are the natural chairs. Some similar chair caught my eye in this room:

Which I guess means I’m apparently into wicker chairs. See how informative this little magazine-reading treat can be?

I’ve never been particularly fond of cottage style or Americana, but this room totally appeals to me. Perhaps it’s the overall neutral setting with the red limited to accessories? Or the beachy-casual vibe? Or yet another jute rug? It seems I’m also really into jute rugs.

But my favorite rooms were all in a single house, featured in the August issue of BHG.

This home has a bit more color than I’d use, but the lines of the furniture are what caught my eye. This home seems to blend clean, contemporary lines with more frilly, traditional pieces and it all works. I inherited a lot of great pieces with differing styles, but I’m determined to make them work together. Cohesion’s the name of my game, so I’m intrigued when I different styles working together harmoniously – nothing too jarring.

LOVE that linen-look sofa with nailhead trim and the spindly gold side table. And those oval-back dining room chairs look delightfully posh. But look! There’s a lucite coffee table in the mix, whaaa? It’s not really my taste, but I’m totally impressed that it works.

And the bedroom really had me:

The long white curtains on gray-blue walls, y’all! And that light fixture! And the cozy flokati rug! I could move in. But again, what impressed me most was how the brightly-colored quilt and bolster pillow – neither of which have any of the wall-color blue in it – totally work in the otherwise serene room. I do like me some all-neutral rooms, but I’m impressed when bright colors are seamlessly mixed in.

So those are the pages that got saved for my design notebook this summer! A few other pages made it into my recipe binder, so it was a successful magazine-browsing afternoon! You know, every time I go through a stack of magazines, I wonder why I haven’t subscribed to more catalogs at our new address. But then I realize... oh right, I accumulated a stack of magazines before having the chance to sort through them. Do I need more? No.

Which brings me to best part of the magazine therapy. At the end, the magazines go in the recycling bin... thus eliminating a pile and clearing off some space under our new coffee tables. A double treat!


Janice said...

You make me giggle. You weren't a fan of your previous coffee table as it was an "outdoor table" but yet you like that look of the "wicker room" in the magazine, which to ME looks like patio furniture ha ha ha I happen to LIKE that look so I'd be willing to use it inside too :)

Was at the store yesterday where I spied with my lil' eye, Rustoleum spray paint in a very shiny gold. Might be perfect for frame corners? You're the queen of spray paint so I defer to you on that one ;)

Magazines... I stack up several months' worth then remove my address label and take them to the women's shelter in town. I used to just toss away at the recycle center until I thunked of this idea and I like it so much more. Just tossing out an idea there for ya.

Excellent move to make a binder with decorating ideas. I keep telling myself to do that, but as per usual, it's not done. sigh. So instead I live vicariously through those of you who find cool rooms and actually CREATE them! lol