17 July 2013

The best souvenirs in life are free

I’m thisclose to shutting up about traveling to Mexico. I promise! I just have one last thing I want to show you: the one souvenir we brought home besides our photos and our sunburns.

I was warned before we went that Cancún is super-duper crazy touristy. And they weren’t kidding! While we did manage to find the fun little street food stands, most of the restaurants were of the Hooters or Señor Frogs variety (totally not exaggerating). Same goes for souvenirs: there were tons of souvenir shops and stands where I could buy a little poncho-wearing doll for ten times the cost it took to make it (no profit to the actual creator, of course) and never display it in our homes because the poncho is not neutral-toned. No thanks. I like traveling and being a tourist, but manufactured tourist industry is bleh.

Instead, our single souvenir was this:

I mentioned before that the beach was creepily clean and nearly devoid of any sea life. That made this half-sand-dollar find especially neat. I’m so glad Mr. P stumbled upon it – in the dark, no less! I was too busy downing that bottle of champagne solo to notice anything like it.

It’s pretty large, even though it’s broken in half. At first I was disappointed that it wasn’t still intact, but then I decided it had character. And honestly, the biologist in me was excited to see what it looked like on the inside.

Invertebrates, man! They’re so bizarre and interesting! (Did you know that when they’re alive, they burrow? Like a shy Roomba! Creepy yet fascinating!) I saw an interview with Centsational Girl Kate recently where she stated that one of the things every room needs something alive. Considering that I don’t have pets and can’t keep plants alive to save my life, this sealife-skeleton will have to count.

Not only was this souvenir free, and not only does it remind me of those lovely moonlit walks on the beach with Mr. P – it’s also neutral. Oh heck yes. I’m enjoying it on our bookshelves for now, but I’m sure I’ll find other places for it in our house, and it’ll fit right in.

You say beach detritus, I say free souvenir of a delightful vacation that doubles as home décor. Win-win-win!


Tina said...

I love it! And it is the best kind of souvenir, imo, because it does really mean something being in your home. Too sad it couldn't be used to hide "reduce to 65%", too, until you get that pic framed... ;-)