10 July 2013

Vacaciones de verano, octavo día

When Perhaps-Axel was taking me on a tour of the hotel after I checked in, he asked if we were celebrating any special occasion during our stay here. Seizing the opportunity for potential free stuff, I immediately replied that it was our wedding anniversary. “Oh, congratulations!” he said. “Which day is your anniversary?”

“Um, well, it’s today!” I lied with a winning smile, two days after our actual wedding anniversary.

And that’s why we found this in our room that night.

Bonus photo: here’s how I enjoyed that complimentary champagne.

And because Mr. P doesn’t drink champagne... happy whole-bottle-of-champagne-to-myself-for-the-next-three-days-pretend-anniversary to me!


Janice said...

5442I love how you operate :) Did you hear how we scored 48 free chocolate chip cookies in Buffalo? It was classic.

Anniversaries can be celebrated ANY time! Ours was the first week of July but we are celebrating it next week instead ;)