02 July 2013

Vacaciones de verano, segundo día

Some scientific conferences include meals in the registration fee, and the food can range from delicious catered meals to credit at a university cafeteria. Other conferences say “Good luck with that” and give you mealtime breaks to scrounge up your own food. This conference does the latter. And sometimes that was a pain, like when the talks would run so long that the break was cut in half (and Mexico, I learned, has different standards for what constitutes speedy service). But having to find our own meals was also an opportunity to explore, like when we found this streetside quesadilla stand.

Do you see them making the fresh tortillas on the griddle behind my friend? Amazing. Also amazing that one large, tasty quesadilla cost thirteen pesos. Thirteen pesos, dear readers, is ONE DOLLAR. Unbelievable.

And on a completely unrelated note: aren’t these scientists super pretty? They’re also super smart. Take that, Big Bang Theory.