29 August 2013

My Favorite Things: August 2013

It’s the end of summer, the end of August, the end of enjoying daylight at 9PM. All good things, coming to an end, etc. etc. And all these endings mean that it’s time for me to look back and tell you about my favorite things from the month of August. So for just one more day, let’s have some summertime frivolity! Personality tests and celebrities and TV and music. I like it.

First things first:


AHHHHHHHHHH. You guys. I cannot EVEN.

Enneagram Personality Quiz

Has anyone else noticed the recent barrage of articles with titles like, “Signs you’re an introvert”, or “Myths about introverts”, etc.? Every single one of them says “Guess what, being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re shy! It just means you like quiet reading time and your best friends!” And everyone is sharing these posts saying, “OMG I am totally an introvert!”

No, you’re not. Not really. I live with the introvertiest of introverts and you are not that. I don’t really get why being an introvert is so dang trendy now. But! It is true that we all have a little introvert in us, of course. I myself fall pretty solidly in the middle between introvert and extrovert. And that’s why I always had a hard time with the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. I’ve had to take the test several times for this or that, and every time I come down something like 51% E to 49% I, or 55% F to 45% T. For me, the parameters aren’t measuring the defining parts of my personality, so, the outcome (often a weak ENFJ) doesn’t mean anything. The only thing I liked about Meyers-Briggs is that President Obama is also predicted to be an ENFJ. Other than that: personalities tests are dumb.

Except. Except! I just discovered the Enneagram Types, and although the spiritual stuff is a bunch of hooey, it at least made SO MUCH MORE SENSE to me. Just read the description of Type 1 and tell me that’s not a perfect description of Sarah P. And bonus? President Obama is also predicted to be an Enneagram Type 1. You can find out what you are here and here.

So yeah. Personality types are still a little dumb, but at least I’ve found categories that make sense. And as a solid Type 1-organizer/listmaker, I need my categories.

Suri’s Burn Book

On a even lighter note, can we talk about children of celebrities? Or at least, the children of celebrities as discussed by Suri’s Burn Book?

If I told you I fell in love with Suri’s Burn Book in August, I’d be lying to you. I fell in love months ago. I just now got the courage to tell you about it. It feels a little skeezy, admitting that I enjoy this blog full of celebrity’s children. But really, I enjoy it because the cultivated voice of the blog’s author (ostensibly seven-year-old Suri herself, of course) gives me the giggles.

Like this photo, captioned, “There is very little I loathe more than giving presents to other people.”

Or this one. “When I said I was going for a walk, it wasn’t an invitation.”

The longer you read it, the more you pick up on the consistent in-jokes. Clearly, her insistence that she is way too mature for her embarrassing mother is one of them, but there’s also her contempt for other potential best-dressed little girls and crush on the Beckham boys. Total guilty pleasure. Emphasis on pleasure.

Hollywood Game Night

Please tell me you’re watching this show. Please. Yes, it’s a cheaply-produced summer replacement show – Mr. P is a man of few words, and even he riffed on the absolutely paltry prize money. But it features actual upper-B-list celebrities playing pop-culture games, and inevitably, I find myself distractedly joining in the game. It’s goofy and delightful and everything summer programming should be. I only wish it would stay on long-term!

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots perform Blurred Lines

Forget that whole Miley debacle. THIS is the best performance of the Song of Summer 2013.

I have a few elementary school music teacher friends that might need to see that.

And then there’s the links I loved this month:

This is the one of the best things I’ve read on the web in a long time. Don’t ask questions or give me a weird look. Just start at the top and read it.

I really really really really want a five-foot-long print of this retro History of the World infographic. I would just stand and stare at my wall for hours.

There’s a lot of reasons I don’t shop at Wal-Mart, but this is certainly one of them.

I will never look at your beach vacation photos the same way, thanks to hot dog legs.

My gin phase is still in full force (did you see my Winning at Gin book?). And now the history of gin and tonics, y’all! I’m not just having a cocktail, I am warding off malaria.

There’s still three days to cook these August-inspired dishes! Don’t be surprised if these show up on the blog. You know, in like, January. I’m timely like that.

Occasionally I wonder if I chose the wrong career path, because I could totally see myself doing nothing but Photoshopping all the live long day. These tips would help!

When I was little, I asked my mom if color existed when she was a kid because all the photos from her childhood were in black and white. These incredible colorized photographs might’ve set me straight. (The Nashville one’s my fave.)

And finally, the winner of the adorable animal GIF for the month. “Heeyyyy, didn’t see you there. Nope, nope, don’t mind me.”

Let’s make the most of life here at the end of summer, dear readers!