02 August 2013

Photo Friday #110: city living

Last week I had the opportunity to host my family for their first visit to our apartment in St. Louis. They spent their days at the sites that would most please my almost-eleven-year-old nephew, but in the evenings, I took them around the best neighborhood in the city, which is of course, my neighborhood.

I took this family photo with my iPod while walking around the neighborhood because it’s A photo, which is better than NO photo. My stepbrother-in-law (that’s a thing), who is a talented photographer, said it’s at least “Instagram quality”. I’m pretending that passes for blog quality as well, even if I know better.

Still, it’s a memory of a fun night spent with family. My stepsister and her husband loved all the architecture and restaurants, my nephew loved that fountain. They all loved the cupcake shop and chocolatier. I loved how my nephew stated, “I really like St. Louis, it’s a good city. Lots of cities smell like gasoline and sewers, and this one doesn’t.”

Agreed, kiddo.


Christal said...

holy crap, he's not 4 anymore! :-)

Janice said...

I have heard every city has a pulse but never a smell. Glad STL passes on both counts :)