09 August 2013

Photo Friday #111: and the living is easy

Occasionally I feel like I was totally cheated out of a good summer last year. Oh, of course we had a great time traveling and celebrating at all the weddings! But here in St. Louis? Ugh. We had just moved here and hadn’t figured out which events to see and which neighborhoods to avoid, so we just... stayed home. And even if I was willing to leave the house, the temperatures were downright insufferable so WHY EVEN BOTHER.

This summer, though. This wonderfully mild, delightful summer! We’ve been dining outdoors as often as possible (twice this past week!), lingering outside frozen custard stands, strolling around charming suburbs, and just generally enjoying the great outdoors.

This is totally making up for last year.


Anonymous said...

Just made your homemade guacamole tonight. ..ah. ma. zing! Stacy. .. fellow scientist and blog stalker. Thanks for the recipe!

Sarah said...

Stacy, glad you liked it! It's probably one of my favorite recipes on here, for reals. Thanks for reading, and yay scientists!