16 August 2013

Photo Friday #112: fix it in post

Sometimes, when I’m scrolling through Instagram, I become convinced there is absolutely no way some of those photos were shot with an iPhone (or an iPod, as is the case for me). They’re far too crisp, or the depth of field is too shallow, or they just look too good to be shot with anything other than a DSLR.

Then I saw this post, which goes into details about how to edit iPhone photos (hint: ZERO instragram filters are involved). And while I’ve had most of the apps she mentions, I’ve never spent more than two minutes playing with them.

So while I’m still convinced that a lot of Instagram photos were uploaded from a DSLR, I’m at least going to try to up my cameraphone game with some nice editing. It’s time to stop apologizing for bad photos and start taking good ones. Like this one, edited entirely with mobile apps.

After all, good photographer will make the most of any equipment. Who knows? Maybe someday they’ll get mistaken for DSLR shots, too.