30 August 2013

Photo Friday #114: home on the range

For Christmas last year, Mr. P was generously given a few gift cards for restaurants in the St. Louis area. I thought it was an excellent idea at the time, because duh, I’d get to reap the benefits of his present, too. But since we’ve actually gotten out of the house and used them throughout the year, I’ve appreciated them all the more. St. Louis independent restaurants are ah-may-zing.

Here’s Mr. P at Bailey’s Range for date night. That’s a chipotle chocolate and salted caramel milkshake for him, a bourbon basil iced tea for me. Our burgers were equally elaborate and delicious. For dessert? Fresh pistachio ice cream.

Since I spent a fair amount of time this week pining for our former city, I thought it was only fair to tell you one way that St. Louis leaves Nashville in the dust. The only downside to such an incredible food scene? The menu for every restaurant looks so good that I want to keep going back... but there’s so many more new restaurants to try. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.


Janice said...

I read your post and was looking to click the "like" button! ha ha

Have a great shrimp, beans, and soup weekend ahead. Will miss you.