28 August 2013

Virtual curb appeal

Well, since we’re already good way down memory lane after yesterday’s post, let’s keep going and get a little update on our old Nashville house. Yes, an update!

It all started when my cousin recently mentioned her embarrassment at discovering that the Google Street View car had apparently driven by their house while they were outside. So if you were to look up their address on Google Maps, you’d find she and her in-laws sitting in lawn chairs in their driveway while her husband mans the grill. Of course, it’s a perfectly innocuous activity, and their faces are blurred. But still. It’s weird.

And oh BOY could I relate. Before Mr. P and I got married, I let my landscaping get out. of. CONTROL. I don’t mean just the sheer amount of grass in the flower beds, or the two weeks of growth in the lawn. We’re talking nearly-two-foot-tall sprigs of hedges, sticking out, ready to stab you in the eye should you come for a visit. And that’s when, right on cue, the Google Street View car drove by to document my shame for all the world to see. I was MORTIFIED.

It bothered me for years. I was honestly nervous passing out my home address for fear that people would look it up on Google Street View. I wondered if I could call up Google and get them to remove my house, or at the very least, photoshop out my neglectful landscaping. It was even something I was anxious about when I put our house on the market – so anxious that I didn’t even look at it to see what potential buyers would see. It was just too much of a bummer.

However. After my cousin mentioned her street view experience, I decided to check our old house to sympathize and relive the embarrassment. We don’t live there anymore, and the house sold quickly enough. Maybe I could laugh about it now.

But... no need. BEHOLD!

It’s Casa P, y’all! Complete with manicured grass, mailbox cover, and wreath on the door! Sure, the landscaping isn’t ideal, but holy moly is that an improvement compared to what it was.

Oddly/creepily/awesomely enough, I can even figure out when exactly Google drove by.... all thanks to the blog! I made the spraypainted monogram in July 2011, and I replaced it with a new address wreath in September. Of course, it would have been better if Google had driven by just a few weeks later... after we fixed that last remaining clump of landscaping awfulness in the corner, in late September 2011. But I’ll take what I can get!

Now I’m wondering if this is what the street view looked like when our house was on the market. It’s possible – our house was on the market a full year after the car drove by. Because I didn’t check back then, I’ll never know. But at least I can be happy knowing that the spruced-up version of the old Casa P is on Google Maps now... and stop dwelling on the idea that we sold our house in four days despite the once-awful curb appeal!

Let this be a lesson to us all: Streetview is watching. GO MOW YOUR LAWN.


Rachel C said...

I didn't know there was a Google car that drove around taking the street view shots. I think I have a new career goal.

Tina said...

Did you drive-by the house while in Nashville this past weekend???
I agree with Rachel C. and the possibility of a new career goal - except mine would be for a new retirement hobby... Google covers the expenses and I got the time to travel!

Sarah said...

You both need to spend more time watching the new season of Arrested Development! Driving the Streetview car is Michael Bluth's new job :)