22 August 2013

What I wore: the microarray skrit

Although I’ve come quite a long way with the “Dress like a grownup for work already” project – thanks in no small part to you, dear readers, for putting up with these posts – I think the way I dress for work is still surprising to non-scientists. Most surprisingly: I almost never wear a lab coat. I think I’ve worn one approximately seven times in my entire scientific career. I just don’t do unsafe or clothes-destroying stuff that merits wearing one, and it’s not like it’s fun to wear one unnecessarily. Would you like wearing an ill-fitting overcoat with the texture of a starched hospital sheet, just for funsies? That’s what I thought.

So instead, I wear stuff like this.

Navy tank: H&M
Khaki cropped blazer: Wal-Mart junior’s department, circa 2002. No lie. It looks way better in real life than it does in this photo.
Microarray-patterned skirt: Tar-zhay, around 2008. It came super close to being donated during my last purge, and honestly, this outfit was my attempt to like it again. SUCCESS.
Chunky jade necklace: I honestly can’t remember. Target maybe?
Bare feet: courtesy of taking a photo AFTER work, instead of before

But if you actually saw me at work, that’s totally not how I look (and I don’t just mean the bare feet). When I’m not in meetings pretending to be a grownup, I’m slinging around fishtanks in a facility with the thermostat set to “tropics”. Layers are key. Jeans are to be avoided (they take forever to dry). Hair is up.

Real life scientist!

And finally, if you’re wondering about that skirt pattern I keep calling “microarray”...

Yup. Only fitting that a scientist wears it to work.


Tina said...

I propose that skirt remain in your closet... forever!
What do you think of this trend I read about last night???

Sarah said...

@Tina, you know, I don't really have that many zany things to pull off the grab-bag outfit. At least, if I wanted to rock that trend, I'd have to put serious effort into trying to mismatch my clothes.... ehh, why bother!