07 August 2013

What I wore: The trellis tunic with my new favorite heels

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! Today I’d love to continue on the theme of “consequences of reorganizing that old china cabinet”, because when I finally got around to that project, another... sort of happened. Does that ever happen to you? One project brings another which inspires another and before you know it, you’re hauling home hundreds of dollars in hardwood flooring when you only meant to get a can of spray paint. Truth.

However! Lately I’ve had to write and edit an unreal amount of text for sciencey grants (we’re talking like forty pages of single-spaced 11-point Arial, geez louise). And with that deadline right around the corner, I need to save discussion of my snowballing project for another day. But soon! Soon I will show you my unending projects and their Rube Goldbergian ways!

For now I’ll just focus on making myself presentable.

Tunic: Old Navy, first discussed here , layered over a white camisole
Khaki capris: New York & Company, scored for $11 on the clearance rack
Shoes: Payless. You heard me, Payless!
Jade pendant: purchased way back in college from who knows where
Silver hoop earrings: a gift from my mom

Sorry for the white balancing issues. I actually took this photo in the evening while headed to a party, not in the morning before work!

Lemme tell you a story about those shoes. I’ve been wanting a pair of nude pumps for the longest time, but I couldn’t find any in my price range (cheap) that didn’t have platform soles. And there’s really nothing you can say to convince me that platform heels don’t look like stripper heels. So I’d nearly given up, having exhausted nearly every budget-priced shoe source in St. Louis.

Then, a few nights before we left for Buffalo, Mr. P picked me up from work, then stopped by a store in our neighborhood to get something before our trip. He noticed a Payless Shoe Source a few doors down and asked if I wanted to stop in, five minutes before closing. I went in, immediately found these, tried them on for about ten seconds, paid within the next minute, and boom! Proud owner of nude pumps! Moral of the story: when Mr. P suggests shoe shopping, DO IT.

Admittedly they’re not the highest quality, but they cost me twenty bucks, and I actually forgot to change into flats while dancing at the reception. They’re that comfortable. So while in this photo, I’m not heading not for work, I very well might wear these shoes to work. My tootsies can take it. Besides, is there any more flattering way to wear capris than with heels? I think not.


Tina said...

Let me tell you - the time I went to Arkansas to see Kay and her dog bit me? It was after you started college. Anyway the dog bit me because I'd reached across Kay to gesture toward her shoes and comment we had on the same style. (See? We still like the same things, don't we?) After recovering from the bite, I said, "Back to the shoes..." and she said "Yours are the real thing, mine are Payless." The only diff I could really see were hers were less clunky-looking which I liked better. Mine were Clarks - I would have not only preferred less clunky but still having at least $50 in my pocket... ;-) Yours look good, too!

Janice said...

Never knock Payless! My flats I wore at the reception (when I could get my heels off later in the evening) came from Payless, heck yeah! :) Like any discount store sometimes you hit big, many times it's a miss, but it's worth giving it a shot :)