13 September 2013

Photo Friday #116: to its fullest

I feel like it’s been quite a week, y’all.

I’ve been all over the place. Yesterday I messaged Mr. P at work to tell him I was super happy, very motivated, and frightfully anxious, all at the same time. One night we sat down to a classy dinner with Sinatra playing; another night, I listened to the White Stripes and drank gin. I’m excited about an awesome thank-you present for a mentor while panicking about how I will actually get it. I’m strutting around like I’ve got my ducks in a row while simultaneously hyperventilating about how I have nothing, nothing at all together.

Is it just me? Maybe it’s because Mr. P’s back in school, and my routine is off at home? Or because fall seminars and classes are starting up at work? Because it’s Friday the 13th? Who knows.

I do know that work is going really well, and we had an awesome weekend last week.

The new CWE Flea. Several new thrift shops. An evening stroll around our neighborhood (including a swing by the bookstore window so I know what to read next). A Packers game for him. A good eight hours of lab for me. And capping it all off at LouFest, with the The Killers, shown above.

Work hard. Play hard. Do all the things, FEEL all the things. Freak out a little while having a marvelous time. Check, check, check and check.