27 September 2013

Photo Friday #118: moving forward

This is my life right now: I’m exhausted. But I love my job!

But I’m exhausted. But so many good things are happening!

But I’m exhausted. But I have so many great opportunities!

But I’m exhausted.

You get the idea.

Once upon a time, I thought I could institute Photo Friday as a way to improve my burgeoning photography skills with my DSLR and its new fancy lenses. Lately, it’s instead become a feature in which I post a quick snap from my iPod to remind you and me both that I have a huge life happening outside this little corner of the internet. HUGE.

I took this last weekend as I walked to my car at the end of long day, one spent at a useful and exciting conference at another university. And, you know how older people will say that sometimes they look in the mirror and they don’t recognize the old person looking back at them? That’s almost how I felt when I saw my shadow. That long-legged shadow is unmistakably the shadow of a grownup. A grownup wearing some pretty grownup heels, but nonetheless, who does not feel like nearly as much of a grownup as she unmistakably IS.

But rather than being disheartened over aging, passage of time, sunset and sunset, ETC.... it was exciting. I’m a grownup with lots of really awesome stuff happening. I’d just spent my day talking with people and getting ideas for my career. And of course, I’ve been given everything I need to succeed, and MORE. Being a grownup is fun!

But daggum. It is exhausting.