25 September 2013

Sprucing the butler's pantry, part two

Yesterday I showed you my latest piece of framed personal “art”, but I left you hanging as to where exactly I put it.

(Get it? Hanging? I can never pass up a good décor pun.)

Truth be told, I actually didn’t hang the frame on the wall. I did, however, place it on a newly-hung shelf.

Those readers who follow the precise location of each décor item in our home (i.e. no one) might realize that wood ledge was originally purchased and hung when I redecorated our guest bathroom in the old house. So... yes, it once hung over a toilet. But no worries! It’s been cleaned! Promise!

As for the other items on the shelf... I just sorta threw them up there. The candle’s been hidden away in a drawer since we moved in, and lately I’ve been in a use-it-or-lose-it mindset about décor in drawers. It’s at least an improvement over the blank wall!

And if the bottles near the bottom of the photo didn’t give it away, here’s where the framed hanky and shelf are living now:

(Or maybe it was the title of the post? Nothing gets past you guys.)

Yup. More butler’s pantry sprucing! I’m doing what I can to make it more than the counter-in-a-hallway-where-I-kept-my-wine that it was for the first year we lived here. I recently told you (in this post) about making the curtains and replacing the lamp, and now I’m finishing up this little sprucing project.

I mentioned in that last post that I wanted to make this space more functional. So while the left side of the room got a bit of décor, the right side – where the sink is – got one of these:

New dish towels! Which I ironed because I am a little crazy like that and also I love ironing!

You may recall that I banished the red from our kitchen here in the apartment, Whereas red + delightful pale green in the old house = awesome, red + DARK GREEN EVERYWHERE in this apartment = 1990s Christmastime year-round. Unfortunately a lot of my dish towels were red or black patterned, and the two green-and-white I had were getting worn. So, I picked up this pack of towels at HomeGoods (I think it was $6 for the set of four) to keep the green-or-neutrals-only theme rolling.

In lieu of an actual towel rack, I instead hung an old mirrored coat hook on the wall for a place to hang the towel. The hook, like the candle, had been hidden away, so high-five for finally getting these items out of storage.

And if you notice, there by the sink? Another functional item:

Soap! I finally, FINALLY retired that ancient plastic soap dispenser in favor of this pretty set from HomeGoods. I found it in the kitchen department, and this set of soap and lotion WITH dish AND mini-towel cost the same as a single empty dispenser – seven bucks.

And the best part? AVOCADO SCENT. You better believe I lotion my hands frequently when passing through this room.

So! While this little room isn’t exactly done – I mean, no room ever is – it’s much, much better than the junk storage space it once was. The view from the couch is certainly improved:

It has meaningful art, it has function. And it has wine. Good enough for me.