12 September 2013

The little things*

I realized that I’m constantly making little house tweaks that I never, ever blog about. It’s not that they don’t make me happy, or they aren’t exceptionally useful. It’s that I can only take so many photos of one object, and only say so many words. Believe it or not, there ARE minutiae that I don’t try to spin into a blog post.

So today, I thought I’d give you a brief roundup of some small changes around Casa P. Things that I’m super happy about, happy enough that together they merit mentioning!

First of all, I finally, FINALLY got a new soap dispenser for our bathroom. For years I’ve had a swanky soap dispenser in the kitchen and guest bathroom (in the old house), but for some reason I didn’t bother with that in the master bathroom. Instead I used an ancient plastic Bath & Body Works foaming soap dispenser that I refilled for years with watered-down generic Dial soap. That stupid bottle even turned up in our fancy house showing photos.

Once we downsized to a single bathroom here, I thought I’d use the swankier guest bathroom dispenser. But then it broke. So Ol’ Foamy took over... until now!

Seven bucks at HomeGoods. It’s already starting to show a little wear – I knew it would, when I bought a super-shiny chrome dispenser – but at least it’s not covered in a Bath & Body Works label that’s at least three generations old.

Next up is this pillow... or rather pillows, because I bought two. You got a brief glimpse of them here, but they’re pretty enough to see close-up.

I found them in the clearance section of Target for twelve bucks each, which I thought was reasonable enough considering the nice embroidery. I bought them thinking they’d go in our linen armchairs in the living room, but they looked rather blah there. They now live in our random fish-watching chairs, where they look AWESOME. Now if only the rest of that corner could get in shape!

Two more little purchases I’m excited about. First, when I was hitting up the antique stores last weekend, I had to have this little Brownie camera:

Between inheritances from my grandpa and Mr. P’s grandpa, we unintentionally started a little antique camera collection. I’d wanted a Brownie for a while to, in my head, “complete the set” (everything is better in threes, after all). And now I finally have one! It’s rare for me to drop cash on something with so little function, but it was worth it, just this once!

The other find was this large blue bowl from a charity thrift shop:

It’s originally from Target, but I don’t think it’s being sold in stores still (and I don’t know what year it’s from). It’s pretty enough by itself, but I do intend to use it as a serving bowl. Right now, the only inexpensive serving bowl I’m willing to take outside our house is VERY BOLD RAINBOW STRIPES. This is a welcome change that better suits my home and personality!

Finally, two little organizational things I did. I recently hit up some end-of-summer sales, which meant cleaning out my closets to make room for them. (That’s one advantage of having tiny closets, at least... nothing comes in without something going out!) While I was rearranging, I decided to move my skirts into one closet and pants into a different closet. And that’s when I realized... I have two kinds of clippy-hangers. One kind has the clips higher than the other, and items clipped on the “lower” kind of hangers are impossible to see when sandwiched between the “higher” hangers.

So I spent a few minutes swapping out hangers so that all my pants are on “higher” hangers – i.e. on the same level...

And the same for my skirts, all on the “lower” kind. I can see them all at once now!

My closet(s) are still quite jumbly-looking, but this small change was REVOLUTIONARY for me. It’s taken me quite literally decades to discover the simple idea that I had two kinds of clip-hangers that should not be mixed. Of course, someday I’d love to have all-matching, beautiful wood hangers, but for now, this made my day!

And the last organizational thing I did may not seem home-related, but I assure you, it is. It has to do with Pinterest. When I joined Pinterest, I couldn’t be bothered to create a million boards to categorize all my pins. I figured I’d just put everything on one board (except food – that did get its own board) and that way I could see everything at once. No dithering over categories! If I love it, it goes on J’adore. The end.

Well, years later, I have realized that was a little near-sighted... because when everything is on one board, things are lost in the shuffle anyway. So I finally broke down and made two more boards...

... and spent an hour or so moving any DIY ideas or artwork onto their respective boards! Simple, yes, but holy moly it has been SO much easier to find things now! I’m still a proponent of the “minimalist” Pinterest approach (only a few boards, only pin things you will reference later), but I certainly learned my lesson about dumping everything on a single board. If you are interested in my new pinning organizational prowess, feel free to follow me here!

I’m sure there are more little things I’ve purchased or done over the last few months that could get a mention here, but these are the little tweaks that have made me happiest lately! And just think, I spared you from an entire post about soap dispensers.

* I had this Good Charlotte song in my head the whole time I was writing this post (as I was totally a punk rock poseur during high school). But when I went to get a link for it, I discovered that there’s a whole new song called Little Things for today’s high schoolers by those One Direction fellows, and it is painfully awful. I just needed to make my post title preference absolutely clear. High schoolers today are softies!