10 September 2013

The start of a organized (and happy) workspace

I’d like to tell you dear readers that, given the recent china cabinet sprucing and nailhead/linen bulletin board project, I’m really starting to turn my attention to the former-dining-room-turned-officey-sorta-type-space. And that is partly true!

Partly because I’m devoting part of my attention to it. I have decorating ADD. I can’t focus on one room for long.

BUT. As I learned when I finally gave the china cabinet the tiniest bit of attention, sometimes just powering through a bad decorating situation can lead to inspiration. And the desk in the office, with an external monitor and keyboard that we hook up to our laptops, certainly could be considered that sort of situation:

Yikes. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways:

1) Two piles of ephemera, including random cards, photos, and candy

2) Two laptops stacked on top of each other

3) A drawer that cannot close, owing to the jumbled mess of office supplies within

4) Keyboard yanked from top of desk onto keyboard drawer (because using the keyboard on top of the desk was uncomfortable)

5) Pile of various paper types in the chair, displaced from the keyboard drawer

6) Messy wastepaper basket bag


Now, I know there are worse desk spaces in the world. I’ve seen them. But clearly, this is not a happy inspiring workspace. And while I’m not sure yet how to make it the happiest or most inspiring workspace for us, I know that the first step is to Get It Under Control.

So, I settled on just one laptop to hook up to the monitor in a semi-permanent way, with all the cords organized in the back.

To corral the cords, I decided to properly set up the keyboard and mouse in the keyboard drawer by running the cords behind and underneath the desk, rather than over the top surface. So, I relocated the paper that had been stored in there to a new place to make room. But I didn’t want to set up the current keyboard, packed with years of grime from Mr. P’s days in a quadruple-bachelor pad...

OMG. NO. And this is what it looked like AFTER cleaning. A lot of that dust and dirt is under the plastic casing, impossible to clean out. GROSS.

Instead Mr. P got us a nice, shiny, new keyboard! Bonus for shallower, less clacky-clacky keys.

The mouse is still a little old and yellowed, yes, but it works just fine and is much easier to clean than the Keyboard of Accumulated Filth. And while there’s not a ton of mousing-around room on the drawer, there’s enough for basic computing, and Mr. P can still move it to the top for gaming purposes.

So now the keyboard can be tucked away, behind these fun knobs I added a little while ago:

I realized I never really mentioned them on the blog before! I was SO OVER this desk after we moved here, with its boring shiny nickel knobs (you can kinda see them here). I picked these knobs up at Hobby Lobby in an effort to make me like this desk again. It’s still not my favorite, but looks a little bit less like it came from Target circa 2005.

Finally, I added two goblets I picked up in the clearance aisle of HomeGoods – one with pencils (ONLY those with lead and functional erases) and another with pens (ONLY those that aren’t dried up). And there you have it:

A clean slate! Even with the basic old desk, Mr. P’s creaky chair, and a super-basic white lamp, it’s so much better than the before, right?

And as you may notice, the drawer on the right... it closes now. I’ll show you how I did that tomorrow! In the meantime, how’s your workspace? Any tips or tricks to make it a fun and pretty place to work? Because goodness knows, this one still needs a lot of help.


Rachel C said...

Paint the lamp!! Instant fun and happy upgrade. You could paint the base a fun, moody neutral wih a small touch of color (in the undertones of course!) and then find fabric with a bit more pop (maybe one from your recent Jo Ann'a window shopping post) and cover the shade. Granted, with your stylish, decorating, DIY personality, you've probably already done it and have a post waiting to reveal later!

Sarah said...

Haha, @Rachel, you'd think I'd be on that lamp like white on... that lamp. But I'm just so stuck! No visions for this room! One thing I had like was painting the base blingy gold, but maybe I should keep the basic white lampshade if I go that route. Also, every fabric pattern I like doesn't work on that shade, because the shade is slanted and patterns will "frown" when wrapped around, if that makes sense. So I'm also halfway looking for fabric that could work. Anyway! That's a lot of thoughts and words about a single lamp, haha. I just loved that you thought I'd already done it... nope! Honestly taking suggestions! :)