05 September 2013

What I wore: Blue, blue, blue

I’ve made no secret about the fact that, while I’m trying to dress more professionally nowadays, this is really no shopping blog. I’m not really purchasing a lot of new things. Instead, I’m trying to use every OLD thing in a new way. Every little thing, including the cropped khaki jacket I bought during my fat days in college and black pants I purchased while in high school for $3.

Even though I purge my closet relatively frequently, there are still those items I inexplicably haul around for years. I know they have potential, but I’m too lazy to build a new outfit around them. Still, even if I delay it, eventually their day of reckoning will come. If I can’t incorporate an old item into an outfit I like NOW, I need to get rid of it. As you’ll recall, the microarray skirt was rescued from the chopping block recently. And next to be tossed on the Goodwill pile was this skirt:

As modeled by eighteen-year-old me at church camp. Sorry, two other people in this photo, for having your teenage picture posted on the internet twelve years later! Also, sorry for not remembering your names. I’m sure I sincerely meant it at the time when I said we’d be BFFs.

Anyway, back to the skirt. Y’all, it is bright. There are lots of colors to pull from in that skirt, but they are all so... so... colorful. And you know I love my neutrals. I wasn’t sure if I could rescue this skirt from the “donate” pile... until I went all blue.

Blue cardigan: J. Crew, a gift from my sister-in-law around 2011
Aqua tank: H&M, summer 2012
Skirt: Rue 21, circa 2000
Turquoise pendant: a gift for my 2001 high school graduation (another old-school item, worked into the modern rotation)
Gold sandals: oh, you know me and my metallic Target sandals.

For some reason, it had never occurred to me to downplay the SUPER BRIGHT TEAL of this skirt with... more blue. I’d always paired it with yellow or purple or some other color. But the blue-on-blue-on-blue transforms it into... well, not neutral, but neutral-ized. Far less like a bowl of jellybeans.

In closing: I wore a skirt from high school in an outfit that immediately elicited a compliment from my well-dressed boss. SUCCESS.


Janice said...

You're dressed for success and looking great! :)

Tina said...

I am so glad to be learning your purging is not as complete as I'd believed - after all, you do have some of my genes. ;-)