26 September 2013

What I wore: the final frontier

I walk to work. And I feel like I mention that here practically every week. “Here’s a photo of something pretty I saw while walking to work.” “I never have a chance to listen to the radio in the car anymore, because I walk to work.” “I’m going to complain about the awful weather for twenty minutes as a blog post introduction because I’m out in said weather every single day, walking to work.”

I really am sorry about that. It’s just that walking 2.5 miles to and from work everyday becomes a sort of a lifestyle, all by itself.

And here’s today’s observation: when you walk to work, your day can be made or lost based on your shoes. Shoes, they are important! I always bought cute, cheap, flimsy shoes until I had to traipse on the streets and sidewalks for an hour every day. Then I understood the necessity of sturdy, well-made shoes. Comfortable shoes. Flat shoes.

So it was a shame when I bought these inexpensive yet comfortable neutral heels a few months ago and realized I probably wouldn’t wear them to work. Sure, I could wear them at work. Just not to work, or from work. I’d have to walk the miles on these beat-up city sidewalks in my flats, and carry my cheap heels in their own special bag, and switch into them at work. And that would just be ridiculous, right?

Haha! Like I’d ever stop being ridiculous.

Mirror-dot dress: Old Navy (be mindful I’m wearing an XS, and this body is NOT extra small)
Necklace: an antique brooch that belonged to my grandma. I wear it on a basic silver chain!
Small hoop earrings: Tar-zhay

I wasn’t sure about the dress when I saw it on the website, but I ordered it anyway because it was on clearance, and ended up loving it. The navy with the mirrored dots reminds me of starry night sky. Or space!

And as for those heels? Yup, I carried them in a bag. And I rocked them! Heels at work: the final frontier.


Tina said...

Very nice! I'd see professional-looking ladies in skirt suits on the bus wearing walking tennies w/socks judging how UNfashionable... then once I'd noticed them also carrying something large enough to contain a pair of shoes, I thought how smart! Now you are one of those ladies, too. ;-)