30 October 2013

Autumn in the CWE

It’s been remarkably long since I reminded you that I WALK TO WORK. But now’s a good time to mention it, because this my second-favorite part of the year for walking to work (most favorite being, of course, springtime). It’s a nice temperature; maybe a bit chilly, but not so chilly that my winter gear isn’t sufficient. And of course, it is gorgeous.

I end up stopping at least once every morning to snap a photo!

It’s at this time of year that I’m especially grateful for how lovely our neighborhood is. Mr. P and I could live elsewhere in this city for a lot less, but it’s possible that we’d never get to live in such a beautiful historic neighborhood again. It’s a ridiculously unique place. Do you see that thing that looks like a manhole cover in the sidewalk in the photo above? That’s not an entrance to the sewer, it’s a plaque proclaiming that the house behind it was T. S. Eliot’s home.

So yes. I’m glad we chose to live here each and every day, especially as I walk to work.

And that’s the archbishop’s residence, there behind those trees. I walk by it daily, too!

The most stunning feature of this neighborhood is by far the architecture. When I’m not thinking about my workday ahead on my morning walk, I’m choosing which house is my favorite. You know, the one that we’ll buy when Mr. P and I win the lottery. It’s hard to choose!

So today, to celebrate the beautiful weather and beautiful homes, I thought I’d show you some of my favorite houses around my neighborhood, many of which I get to walk by daily. I just snapped them with my iPod from the sidewalk – no professional realtor-quality photos here. Still, maybe you can choose a favorite?

I love the stained glass window in that one... it’s beautiful at night!

That house might seem more boring than the others, but I LOVE the gray painted brick and black shutters. LOVE. The color is wonky so you may just have to trust me. Also it’s for sale, so I can especially pretend it will be mine!

Sorry it’s blurry and dark and has a ladder in the photo (all these houses are constantly under repair). I had to try to photograph it anyway, because it’s one of my faves!

Ok, you can’t really see that house, true. I really just liked the contrast of the blue with the red leaves!

Really, I could have taken another twenty or thirty photos – there are so many great homes in this neighborhood, and I adore them all. But If I really really had to pick a favorite... it’s this one:

Yeah, the spiky fence and my finger are both in the foreground (I have to take these photos FAST so I’m not a total creep!). But hopefully you can see how gorgeous this one is – the grayish-taupe and white colors, the incredible molding, the landscaping! Apparently, the main architect who oversaw the design of this particular street (with other architects building all the individual houses) built this house especially for his daughter. I guess he wanted his daughter to have the prettiest home on the street!

So that’s a virtual tour of my walk to work on these luscious fall days! Did you pick a favorite? And don’t you want to see what they look like inside??


Janice said...

Wow, hard to pick a favorite home. Each one has special character! I'm a sucker for a front porch so almost any time I see a fun home with a
"sitting porch" I'm all over it... figuratively of course. Wouldn't want to creep out the actual owner of the home :)