29 October 2013

Halloween, vicariously

It’s been long established here that I really don’t do any sort of seasonal decorating or DIYing outside of Christmas. Instead, I reserve my homemaking energy for those projects and design decisions that last more than a month or two. If you’re looking for original ways to carve that pumpkin you were super pumped about buying or to construct a wreath out of all the debris that’s fallen from the trees in your yard: sorry, you’re in the wrong place.

However! That doesn’t mean I’m not getting in the Halloween spirit this year! (Oooooh, spooky! Get it? Spirit? Nevermind.) Maybe it’s the ginormous bowl of Halloween candy on our table that Mr. P and I are scarfing down all by ourselves, because we can’t even pretend we’ll have trick-or-treaters... but I’m feeling a bit fall, y’all.

So I thought I’d create a link roundup of other people’s seasonal and Halloween projects. Because if we’ve learned nothing else from Pinterest, we know that we can feel creative just by looking at other people’s creativity!

On the costume front: this roundup of punny Halloween costumes had me giggling. I’m particularly partial to these two.

Did you figure them out? GAH I LOVE PUNS.

Mihow (a blogger I follow on twitter) suggests that if you are terrible at piping icing, you should make mummy cupcakes.

She’s a culinary-school trained baker, though, so I don’t think she realizes just how much worse that piping could be if, say, I tried it. Still!

I made this boozy pumpkin milkshake by Tracy Shutterbean last year around Thanksgiving:

I would’ve shared it with you, but my photos were dark and terrible, and by Thanksgiving everyone’s moved on to CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS anyway. I used Bailey’s instead of bourbon because it’s what I had on hand (and because I like it better... ergo, it’s what I had on hand). But without the booze, it’s perfect for your trick-or-treaters!

Speaking of pumpkin... if I were to buy pumpkins, I think I’d jump on the painting/covering pumpkins bandwagon. Pumpkins innards are stinky, and even tasty toasted pumpkin seeds can’t make up for filling your house with that smell. Let’s embrace the alternative! Katie at Bower Power decorated little pumpkins with sharpies:

And bigger pumpkins with paper:

Young House Love covered them in discount pantyhose:

But my favorite pumpkins are probably these typographical ones:

I can totally get behind fall decorating if it involves fonts! And man, I am almost wishing I had some faux spray-painted-gold pumpkins. Then I remember I’d never get them out of the attic after the first year. Better just stick to photos of other’s pumpkins!

Finally, if you must get your fall craft on: these pressed-leaf bowls are absolutely making me swoon!

Grab the leaves now, and enjoy the bowls all year long!

Whew, I feel like I’ve sufficiently gotten in the Halloween/fall spirit... and I didn’t even have to make/craft/buy a thing. Have a Halloween week, dear readers!