25 October 2013

Photo Friday #122: the most shamefully delicious milkshake

Yes, I’m copying today’s photo from my Instagram, but I just can’t help it. It’s not every day that one has a candied bacon salted caramel milkshake, with bourbon, at lunchtime. My expression and gesture are trying to draw attention to the fact that there is an entire strip of bacon hiding in that incredibly boozy milkshake (not to mention chunks of bacon throughout). I was simultaneously horrified and delighted.

I ordered this milkshake at a restaurant we suggested for a group lunch with some of Mr. P’s friends visiting St. Louis. I didn’t know them before this lunch, but fortunately, they were the sort of couple who thought a candied-bacon-salted-caramel-Maker’s-milkshake was a grand idea. After mine came, they ordered one for themselves. So this milkshake is loaded with calories and bonding potential. Good times.