17 October 2013

Sock it to me

Did yesterday’s post inspire anyone to tackle a “problem drawer” and reorganize? No? Well, that’s too bad because I AM STILL AT IT.

Here’s why it went down. The jewelry drawer is actually just one half a drawer. The other side of the drawer, the not-perfectly-organized side, looked like this:

Oh geez.

What you’re looking at there is my sock drawer, and it is admittedly a disaster. A disaster I’ve been ignoring since, oh, April, when I swore off socks in support of the warmer weather. So yes, every morning when I opened the drawer to pick out jewelry, the sock mess was just off to the side, mocking me.

Now that the weather is turning cooler, I’m in need of socks again, and it’s a pain to sort through that mess. The time for an organized sock drawer is now!

But as always, the first step to organization is to make a bigger mess.

With everything out of the drawer, I thought about exactly how to put everything back in a way that had the potential to stay organized. I realized the real problem is that I don’t just keep socks in this drawer; I also keep tights in there, plus my new pair of legwarmers (heck yes LEGWARMERS). When everything is jumbled in that drawer, the two pairs of black tights look indistinguishable from the legwarmers. Which look similar enough to black socks. Which look like tights. I dig around in there, scooting everything aside and yanking stuff out. Are these gray socks or gray trouser socks or gray tights? Guess I better pull them out to investigate! And haphazardly stuff the ones I don’t want back in! And struggle... to... close... the... drawer!

So. Solution: keep the tights and legwarmers separate from the socks. And, hey! I already have the perfect storage container for that purpose!

I had one leftover container that didn’t fit on the jewelry side of the drawer. Of course, I could return it to the store and get my four bucks back... or I could use it here to keep my thick black tights, sheer black tights, and black legwarmers all separate from each other AND from the black socks. The gray tights could be a bit of a troublemaker too, so they got corralled as well.

The other problem was even simpler to solve. I keep dryer sheets with my clothes so I can rub them on any staticky sweaters or clingy skirts. When I first moved here from the South, land of Considerably Fewer Socks, the box of dryer sheets easily fit in this drawer. Clearly, the collection of socks I amassed for walking to work in the snow for months requires additional space. So, the box of dryer sheets was relocated to a more-empty spot in my closet. Duh.

Once the fundamental problems were addressed, it’s time to sort and reload!

Colorful, non-skid socks I wear only around the house got stuffed in the back (because it’s a rare day that I succumb to socks in my house). Ankle socks get aligned along the side. Tights along the bottom. The rest of my socks are in two layers – I tried folding them in half so I could see all at once, but honestly this seemed less likely to explode after a week of use. White socks on the left, trouser socks in the middle, wooly socks on the right.

Easy-peasy. Sherlock would totally approve.

Can you imagine how maddening it would have been to have that crazy mess of socks next to my perfectly organized jewelry?! This is way better. And now when I get jewelry OR socks, I’m greeted with the fruits of my organizational labor:

I think that, with the tights and socks all separated, this system should last a bit longer than it would have without the containers. Then again, if this all falls apart throughout the winter season, I’m okay with that. Because really, this took less than fifteen minutes to do, and I’m reaping WAY more than fifteen minutes worth of benefit. Organized sock drawers = so posh.

I may be dreading the colder weather, but at least my sock drawer is ready. Bring it!