01 October 2013

The joy of sharing fresh flowers

I’ll be honest, I had a longer post planned in mind for today. But I’m lacking the time and brainpower to do it justice, and I’m just not interested in struggling to make it happen.

Instead, here is a photo of my guest room with some fresh flowers, from a month ago.

The guest room is still my favorite room in the apartment. Sorry, rest of the apartment. It’s not your fault.

I actually hang out in the guest room – honestly, I spend more waking time in the guest room than our own bedroom. Part of it is that I keep all my clothes in there thanks to our teeny closets. Part of it is that it has the best natural light of any room in our apartment, and I’m drawn to sunlight like moth to flame. And part of it is that it looks really dang pretty with fresh flowers, a treat I only buy when we have houseguests.

When Mr. P and I were choosing apartments, we only considered places where we could have a guest room. True, we do have a lot of stuff that requires a lot of space. But really, we wanted to have a place for people to be comfortable when they visit us... which would make them want to visit us again. I love that we made that happen. And it makes me happy that my favorite room is the one I get to share the most.

So, on days like today, on weeks like these super busy ones... I sometimes need to step back, take a deep breath, and stop beating myself up for our home’s shortcomings. (Did you happen to see this comic? That’s me in my home. I’m so sorry.) I need to remember I have this beautiful space that I can fill with beautiful flowers.

Then share it all with beautiful people. Both our houseguests... and you, dear readers. And isn’t that all I could really want from a home?


Tina said...

My wish today for you is to have fresh flowers available all the time in your forever home... It really is a beautiful thing. :-)