24 October 2013

What I wore: knot such a trendsetter

Since this has been the week of saying farewell to warm weather, I might as well show you what I wore when it was warm recently. Oh, back during those halcyon summery days, when I snapped pictures with my iPod and forgot lipstick and couldn’t bothered to put my coffee cup down for a photo!

Navy tank dress: Target, last year
Navy and white flowered button-up: the now-defunct Steve & Barry’s, remember them?
Boots: Franco Sarto from Marshall’s
Earrings, chunky beaded bracelet, watch: all gifts

It’s taken me a long, long time to embrace the knotted-shirt trend, but I think I’m finally coming around. I avoided it for two reasons: first, I’m super short-waisted and wide-hipped, and I don’t necessarily like to emphasize that. Also, it reminded me so much of those shirts with the big floppy tails designed to be tied in a knot, from back from the nineties. I just didn’t know if I was ready to bring that back.

(For the record, my floppy-tail shirt I wore as a tween was collared, sleeveless, and made of denim. Or as we are to call it now with its new re-branded name, chambray. You’re not fooling me, revamped nineties trends!)

But now I’m trying the trend, again, for two reasons. First, I’m trying to repurpose items in my closet that I like despite an odd fit. This shirt is too short and boxy for my liking, but tying it in a knot gives it new life. And second, I’m willing to emphasize how short-waisted I am if I can also pretend that I am small-waisted and flat-tummied from the side:

I promise I do not have a super-tiny waist nor a flat tummy. It is an optical illusion! Thanks, knotted shirt!

Although the cooler weather will put the kibosh on bare legs, I might still keep trying this sort of look as the weather turns chillier. I’ve been a die-hard cardigan girl for years, but my new go-to layer might just be a knotted button-down this fall! Because if I’m going to start doing that thing again this winter where I try to wear all my clothes at once, I might as well do it stylishly.