09 October 2013

What I wore: thirty going on thirteen

When I was in high school, I went through a serious butterfly phase. I mean, of course I did. It was the nineties. Every teenage girl considered butterflies her go-to accessory. We coveted all the butterfly bobby pins from Delia’s and butterfly earrings from Claire’s and subconsciously attempted to meet all the butterfly fashion standards set by Madame Butterfly herself, Mariah Carey.

Although I, like every other teenager from the nineties, eventually grew out of my butterfly phase, I confess that I still have a few remnants from that time. They were gifts that I appreciated, and I still think they’re pretty. So I figure that, if flannel shirts and straight-leg jeans and oversized sweaters are making a comeback? My butterfly jewelry can emerge in all its 1990s glory once again.

Cotton blazer: Tar-zhay (a clearance rack find for twelve bucks)
Tank: Old Navy, this season (also on clearance, for ten bucks)
Jeans: Levi’s Denizen from Tar-zhay
Boots: Franco Sarto from Marshall’s
Silver hoop earrings: Lia Sophia
Butterfly necklace: actually a giant brooch (nearly three inches across!), received as a gift a decade ago, strung on a chain.

Sartorial judgment on the necklace aside, you have to admit that the tank-blazer-jeans combo would be totally boring without that necklace. It definitely makes a statement, right? I mean, the statement might be, “I still have the jewelry I wore in high school and I’m not afraid to wear it.” But at least the statement would be accurate.

Does resurrecting my jewelry I wore when I was half this age completely undermine my attempts to look like a professional grownup? Maybe. Did I totally have fun wearing this necklace all day? Sure did. I count that as a win.


Janice said...

Definitely a win :) It looks great with that outfit.

Tina said...

"Yay!" for resurrecting old and such special jewelry... Wondering how threading the pin through several links so not to drop into a "v" but to come straighter down would look, too. Think I'll go try that out myself with a couple old brooches here...
Went to Fontanel in Nashville yesterday. BM-D had Costa Rican butterflies mounted and framed in lucite over their 4-poster bed. Look it up!<3