27 November 2013

My Favorite Things: November 2013

Are you traveling today, dear readers, on this Thanksgiving eve? Are you already at your final Thanksgiving-celebrating destination? Or are you at work, just waiting to leave so you can go home and enjoy a luxurious day off in your PJs tomorrow?

I feel ya. I feel all those things. Especially that last one, as I won’t be doing it and I’m jealous of all of you guys eating ice cream on your couch.

That’s why I decided to do my monthly Favorite Things post a couple of days early, mostly because it’s not really Favorite Things as much as Favorite Links. Honestly? I didn’t read any especially awesome new books, or get obsessed with new shows, or find a new favorite shirt this month. But the internet, hooo! It delivered. So much enjoyment to be had on the internet this month!

Let’s do this, November!

First of all, I don’t know if it’s new editorial policy or what, but Slate did several long-form research pieces this month that were absolutely fascinating. It made my morning-coffee-while-reading-the-news way longer, but they’re so worth it. Here were my favorites:

Nazi Anatomy History
An incredible mashup of history, science, politics, and ethics. I’m saving this one as a resource for future classes.

The Curious Case of Polywater
Another great history + science article. Also, this article is why I’m always so reluctant to celebrate a victory in lab until I’ve repeated it seventeen different ways.

The Death of an Adjunct
I’d read the pithy headlines about the adjunct professor who dropped dead after being fired from her university a few months ago. This is the rest of the story, which is of course, more sad and far more complex than a sound bite.

And finally, not a long written form but a long photo essay: Willet’s Point
I’ve admitted before that I love Geoguessr and, on a simpler level, driving around Google Street View. But I’ve never seen a place like this in the US, and I’d never guess it was in New York City. This is bonkers.

On a related note, here’s another incredible photo essay of people you will probably never meet: Before They Pass Away
The photos themselves were not particularly surprising; thanks to growing up in a world with National Geographic, I know there are people like that. But somehow, when these photos are framed in the context of present-day-but-dwindling civilizations, they hold a lot more power.

And now for some lighter fare. Have you made a map of your visited states yet, like everyone else in my News Feed? Here’s mine, or at least, my best guess at mine. Does it count if you’re fairly sure you’ve been there but have no memory of it because you were like six years old?

Hey there, Pacific Northwest! I need to visit you.

And in the Pacific Northwest, there is this loudspeaker broadcasting tweets with the hashtag #nobodylistens. It both cracked me up and held my attention for far longer than I thought possible.

Listen and Repeat from Rachel Knoll on Vimeo.

This Buzzfeed article ranks every year of your twenties from worst to best. I agree with most of it, except swap 28 for 27 because 27 totes deserves the top spot. When I was a kid I thought I’d get married and get my life together and be at the top of my game when I was 27. AND I WAS COMPLETELY RIGHT.

This video is super old, but somehow I missed it until recently.

Not only is it full of good ideas but the production value is incredible. Scarf lovers, get your note-taking materials ready!

But I saved the best link for last. Mr. P came upon this Reddit thread that posed a simple question: What GIF reduces you to hysterical laughter every time? He sent it to me, and what followed is now one of my favorite hanging-out-with-Mr.-P-memories of all time. I laughed until I CRIED. SOBBED. Tears STREAMING down my face. UNABLE TO BREATHE. Which made Mr. P get the giggles. Which made me cry-laugh at his giggles. Oh my goodness, you guys. Casa P was out of control.

It was hard, but I picked a few of my faves that sent us down the cry-laugh spiral.

“Hey! Huh. Well, okay!”

The long stare at the beginning, when he weighs his options.

I mean, whose plans include a SECOND BUCKET.

The second squirrel has had enough of your timid politeness.

When everyone forgot how to hockey!


And with that, dear readers, I hope you have a wonderfully gluttonous holiday filled with everything for which you’re grateful!


Rachel C said...

I love this post. Several of my favorite bloggers do weekly "What I'm Reading Posts," and I look forward to them the most. It's always fun to see what other people are reading. Plus, the dog in his shoes made my day.

Have a great Thanksgiving!