01 November 2013

Photo Friday #123: Metric at the Fox

Earlier this week (on a school night) Mr. P and I went to see Metric at the Fox Theater. Ok, technically Metric were the openers for a Paramore concert, as Paramore were the headliners, but I don’t think that really counts as we left after Paramore had played three songs, and besides, I don’t want to ever say we went to Paramore concert.

It made me think back to how Mr. P and I went to a costume Halloween concert right after we met in 2006, which kicked off years of frequent concert-going in Nashville. As for this show, this wasn’t the first time we’d seen Metric here in St. Louis, nor was it our first time at the Fabulous Fox.

Even though we’re no longer Nashvillians going to a show each week, I still like knowing how to go to concerts. I like being able to compare setlists from one show to the next. I like knowing the acoustics of particular venues, knowing the lead singer’s standard dance moves, knowing that the cool kids don’t wear the band’s logo to the band’s concert (and whoa, St. Louis hasn’t gotten that memo).

I like being those seasoned veterans who will still go out to a show on a weeknight. Some things never change, at least if I’m lucky.