22 November 2013

Photo Friday #126: in plain sight

One of my work/career/grownupcakes goals this semester was to attend one teaching or pedagogy event every week. It could be a workshop, or a seminar, or a conference, or even a webcast. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those events were held on a different campus than my laboratory. To get there, I had to navigate the Metro at least once per week.

And that meant that I walked by this mural in the train station at least once per week as well. But because I’m usually thinking about getting back to work, or running to catch the train, or paying attention only to the parts of my surroundings that could try to rob me, I only noticed it for the first time this week. This week! It took me four months to notice a prominent, colorful, eight by twelve foot mural! I’d suggest that it was only recently installed except I’m always insisting that my surroundings have changed when I’m really just unobservant.

Hmm. What else am I missing?